Sunday, October 25, 2009

You tube: Tron [pt 2]

Ok now being it forward 28 years with digital effects but the same concept in 3D...hottest film tipped for 2010.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Firstly this is not about Duran Duran. Sorry Eddy, Paula and Bek.

Secondly [to completely change the subject] I don’t talk about work here...and won’t ever – I truly believe in separating work and home life – true work life balance - let alone now talking about people or work and getting in strife with HR – oh no not for me. I still won’t talk about work with the exception of this brief entry. So saying that I got to work this morning and received an email stating that I had been there for 10 years.


I knew it was coming up but would you believe it I completely forgot the actual start date [well it was 10 years ago]. It’s funny how it happened. I moved to Melbourne a few years before and after working at a hotel for 6 months I then started working at a bank. I worked a 5 day week and then worked my weekend at the hotel for almost 3 years. The plan was to work as hard as possible to save money [for travel, rainy day stuff etc] but instead I managed to blow it all on...well...shit.

Well after working 6 sometimes 7 days a week it took it out of me...I had enough of both and applied for a new job – completely new field and industry [that will remain nameless - see above] and low and behold got it. That was October 11th 1999. In the last decade of the old millennium. I thought [after being at a hotel and bank for 3 years –my longest employers then to date] I would work there for 2 years or more then transfer to Sydney then move on [ at the time i had a lot of friends in Sydney and thought I would become another queen in the Harbour city].

Well that didn't happen did it.

Well what has happened since October 1999...[workwise]

10 years at the same employer also 10 years of a cash bonus [thankyou very much]
9 different managers [well at least]

8 different roles
7 Xmas party attendances [even I had to have a few years off]
6 actual different jobs

5 declined internal jobs
4 restructures
3 divisional moves and 3 different offices

2 secondments
1 management program
Countless workmates & work related piss ups

Its funny that’s all happened in 10 years – 30 years ago that might have happened over someone’s entire career[with the exception of the Xmas Party attendance]. Thank god I like my job, the people I work with and company I work
for. And after receiving a nice gift and almost 2 and a half months off [hopefully for travel I missed out in my 20's as I spent my money on shit] to take sometime soon. Its so been worth it.

Then I realised...I have been working full time for almost 13 years [part time/casual for 8 years prior to that due to studies] and now as I’m 35 years old [I hate it when people usually over 50 call themselves x years young- you’re old you old fart no matter what age]...and now that retirement age in OZ will be at least 70 for my generation...I have another 35 years left of working life.


Thursday, October 08, 2009

You Tube:Food Court Musical

This is what really happens when people start singing in normal life...not like they do in the musicals...v.funny though.