Sunday, December 23, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Well its that time of year...and given our love for the Christmas (and especially the tree) it's all the go in the household...This year's theme is silver, pink & purple (yes I know... very masculine and butch for two men)...a slight variation on last years theme.The coffee table...
The front door wreath - this is a new addition to the Christmas Cast...and I think a permanent one.Detail (of course).
And now that the day is hastily approaching - we have been preparing the food - I have made a Christmas Cake...Andy is about to make the Chritsmas icecream (yes it's real-I'm not making it up) and has already made the ham....and a one at that...
And now to cook the turkey and wear our eating dresses and impersonate Sumo's for a few days...The truck from Dan Murphy's has already delivered the booze so if a war breaks out in the next few days we should be good until the New Year.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

12 Daze of Christmas

For those who have never heard cabaret lounge singer Fay McKay singing the 12 DAZE of XMas - ENJOY!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Wigs for Pets

To continue with the theme and my love of dressing up animals - I found this site

Yes you can buy wigs for your cat - for example this blonde bombshell creation

I especially like the description for the wig ( as if the wig and fern t-the cat model- doesn't just sell it to you anyway)....

Blonde is a magical mix of bashful and brazen. Fern shows off the many moods of a natural blonde: sweet yet catty, smart yet batty -- where life is alluring and coy. Now all she needs is a bikini and a Swedish accent.Blonde sets off your kitty’s eyes and makes your kitty look tan.

Great - now the cat wants to look tanned and wear a kini...when was this ok ? There are more cat hair do's & don'ts on the link

If you have anything related to dress up pets please let me know asap as i need another fix shortly. X b

Ps - All money raised goes to the ASPCA - again I'm not joking.