Sunday, May 17, 2009

Eurovision 2009 - Postscript

Well its over for another year - and in reflection it has been quieter than years gone by.

Sure there was Ukraine drumming away when singing and dancing with half naked centurions...Fire throwers when Finland was rappin'...Germany kissin' and a bangin' with Guest act Ditte Von Teese...all very Eurotrash and lovin' it. But Moldova, Norway and Azerbaijan going back to folky past [obviously working in Norway's favour]was the surprise. I think all the crazy's get the boot in the semi' needless to say I'll be placing on emphasis on that for 2010.
Israel, Iceland, France, UK and Malta all delivered Divas Du Jour of the competition - Sweden's Pop-pera star seemed to be dulled down after her performance from her original in her home country and no opera face to be seen.
The men didn't fair as well as the ladies I'm afraid - Greece was just playing to the gays as was Germany [too plastic fantastic for my liking], Denmark was just too Rowan Keating looki-and-soundy-likey [already covered in previous post ]and the Croatian lad was hot but again sang in Croatian that no one understands other than the locals.
But not all bad -The set was truly amazing - though I would have to be the one in trouble if the turning electronic show didn't work - I suppose Dress rehearsal is for that sort of thing - shame the presenters needed to practice their lines/sketches they add so willingly that no one really wants?
Eurovision 2009 is over for Russia and Moscow- Oslo Next year!

The winner is...Norway!

Well I managed to watch bleary eyed just the last 10 minutes via web stream from the official site [is it just me but I'm still impressed that the net offers such a service? But try to get a postage stamp without fuss from the Post office - I digress slavishly] and Norway - the favourite - won!

I think what I am more impressed about this morning is that my top 3 predictions of Norway [1st], Iceland [2nd] & Turkey [4th] were pretty much correct - the only one I missed out was Azerbaijan who came 3rd - which to me sounded like Turkey from 5 years ago but obviously was right on the night. I told you the voting was fickle!

I will be watching tonight on SBS at 7:30pm - expect a silly, sardonic, sarcastic and sensationalist post script by tomorrow.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Eurovision 2009 - The second semi...

Well yet another fabulous Russian TV telethon production for the 2nd final, [highlights included the giant babushka doll - bless - and the Russian Ballet at interval - Russia can definitely take the ballet as one of their monumental artistic achievements but I digress]- and the results are in for the final...

The 25 songs participating in the Grand Final are the following:

1. Lithuania: Sasha Son will sing Love

2. Israel: Noa & Mira Awad will sing There Must Be Another Way

3. France: Patricia Kaas will sing Et S'il Fallait Le Faire

4. Sweden: Malena Ernman will sing La Voix

5. Croatia: Igor Cukrov feat. Andrea will sing Lijepa Tena

6. Portugal: Flor-De-Lis will sing Todas As Ruas Do Amor

7. Iceland: Yohanna will sing Is It True

8. Greece: Sakis Rouvas will sing This Is Our Night

9. Armenia: Inga & Anush will sing Jan Jan

10. Russia: Anastasia Prikhodko will sing Mamo

11. Azerbaijan: AySel & Arash will sing Always

12. Bosnia and Herzegovina: Regina will sing Bistra Voda

13. Moldova: Nelly Ciobanu will sing Hora Din Moldova

14. Malta: Chiara will sing What If We

15. Estonia: Urban Symphony will sing Rändajad

16. Denmark: Brinck will sing Believe Again

17. Germany: Alex Swings Oscar Sings will sing Miss Kiss Kiss Bang

18. Turkey: Hadise will sing Düm Tek Tek

19. Albania: Kejsi Tola will sing Carry Me in Your Dreams

20. Norway: Alexander Rybak will sing Fairytale

21. Ukraine: Svetlana Loboda will sing Be My Valentine! (Anti-Crisis Girl)

22. Romania: Elena will sing The Balkan Girls

23. United Kingdom: Jade Ewen will sing It's My Time

24. Finland: Waldo's People will sing Lose Control

25. Spain: Soraya will sing La Noche Es Para Mi

Boo Hiss boo for not allowing the gay disco track from Hungary in [although in reality I'm not surprised]...however very happy that the fro from Serbia didn't get a mention let alone those pack of sado's from the Netherlands [I mean really, silver lyrca suits!]

A surprise finalist here is the very ethic polka from Moldova [truely shite]... Mr Kiss Kiss Bang-i-ty nonsense got in did the dark horse 'Believe again' from Denmark - interesting to note the most looki-likey in the whole competition - sounds and looks like Rowan Keating...and the song was written guessed it...Rowan Keating. In a world first...well in my blog anyway I am predicting the top 3 of the grand final will include Norway with Fairytale, Turkey with Dum Tek Tek & Iceland Is It True.
Only a short time now and the winner of Eurovision 2009 will be announced...I have already planned evening in no less.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Eurovision 2009 - the first out of the hat...

Well the first final hit Europe last night...and, well all I can describe it as a Russian Telethon meets Big brother elimination show from the 80's ( if it wasn't so communist then mind you ) and kudos to the presenters with their Russian-English speech - a real tribute to Good morning Moscow sketch from Fast Forward ( for those from OZ who can remember ].

The 1st group of finalists are:-
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Actually not a bad selection so far...the losers included the idiot Gypsy superhero from the Czech republic missed out (boo hoo) as did Bulgaria [or as I would like to say - Vulgaria after this years performance] neither did the Copycat Elvis from Belgium or the pseudo weird 70's pop singer from Belarus [so awful i can't describe].

However the only actual rock band Lovebugs from Switzerland didn't cut the mustard is fickle word of Eurovision voting [lest we forget 1969 with 4 equal winners!]...another final to go then the big one this weekend...and it's only going to be that much more crap-tac-ular!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Eurovision 2009 - Highlights - Switzerland

Lovebugs -The Highest Heights - This is from the first rehearsal of the finals . A real band is a rare thing in the contest - who knew the Swiss like rock not just banks and chocolate.

Eurovision 2009 - Highlights - Denmark

Niels Brinck - Believe again - is really something you would hear from IDOL - but saying that its not too bad. It may not be catchy enough for a united continent vite decide.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Eurovision 2009 - The dark horse - Turkey

Hadise - Dum Tek Tek - is now the outsiders chance of winning - This Turkish Beyonce has the moves with this ethnic pop dance tune. I expect many dancers on the night in manner of ring on it when she performs

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Eurovision 2009 - Bloggers choice - Iceland

Jóhanna Guðrún - Is It True - is actually my song du jour of the competition. The gorgeous Jóhanna sings a love song without being too sappy or sentimental. Jesus I do have a heart...sob