Monday, May 16, 2011

Me, Eurovision 2011, the final links and so long, farewell...(you can sing the rest)

Well it’s time to say goodbye. I have decided to call it a day...blogging wise that is. The poor attempt I have been making this year does not make a well written (or received) blog. And it was time to close off that (almost) 5 year chapter that simply has run its course. And it’s not that I do not want to write or share anymore. There was never a specific reason why I started to blog other than a creative outlet. It was always about things I liked and I thought it would evolve over time like an organic diary or collection of observations. And it did. And I was very proud of some of the entry’s I wrote. Especially (but not limited to) the History of OZ TV...documenting my year of cookery (and I suggest anyone who has ever burnt toast to give it a crack – you just need time to cook – not skills, you get that over time but alas I digress for the last time) all that CAMP shit that I think makes grey dull life pink and funny, oh and my reviews of the Eurovision – so much fun!

Ok so I decided not to do Eurovision posts this year as slowly the crazies, loons and all that European colour has faded away in recent times making it a duller song competition. But then of course there was Jedwood from Ireland ( I could bloody hit that Louie for fuelling that sad mental fire). But there was some great songs this year from Hungary, Serbia ( I can’t stop playing the 1960’s sounding Caroban – it’s just a happy uplifting song and yes the Serbian version), Austria and Switzerland. It didn’t surprise me that Dana International (Israel) didn’t move past the semi finals – I mean really Darling Ding a Dong was a song back in 1970’s from Holland. And crying out loud Europe if you are a small former soviet/eastern Bloc country only speaks your language just SING IN ENGLISH! Actually it didn’t work for Blue this year so ignore me. Baku next year (Christ).

Before going I have found 2 excellent sites to share:-

Rule knitannia - The well stitched in time knitting blog from my old mate, the very talented Eddie in London Town – cushions, crowns and (iced) confections ( to name a few knitted creations) What not to love!

Everything is Terrible – unlike its title this is one of the best collections of camp, bizarre shit and plain funny clips from the net – I so love it:-

In closing, I still can’t believe I made it almost 5 years. I would have never seen that coming. Neither in that time Apple making essentially a mini handheld computer (that makes calls) that has become part of 21st life. Face book, twitter, four square, linked in (etc) are the new media and social interaction. Google is the new scary giant, so then is India and China. The Australian Dollar is worth more than the US Dollar (and the average house price in Australia is over half a million AUD in most capital cities) but our AUD buys less than before. America finally getting a black president. Australia getting a female Prime minister. Kate and Wills getting hitched (Oh didn’t she look beautiful and who thought of trees in the abbey – fabulous). Life is changing so fast and it’s sometimes it gets scary. But it’s also gets better. As I'm getting older and I'm appreciating the weekend and randomn days off much more, laughing with your mates, a well needed hug from your partner and a home cooked meal - for me it would never be superseded by what a corporation or technology can boast.

So that’s it. Thank you for all for reading and feedback (though I would have happily welcomed more!). So as I’m listing to Nina from Serbia singing Caroban again (it’s on repeat and Andy’s away on business so no complaints) it’s only right to say Do viÄ‘enja prijatelj (Goodbye friend).

X b aka the classic eccentric (Brett).