Thursday, July 29, 2010

Au Revior...for now

No I havent thrown in the towel as I've been quiet of late. I'm still blogging but no posts in August as we are off tomorrow around the world. We are packed & ready so having quiet nesting time before departure early tomorrow to Sydney then the globe.

See you all in September. Take care.

X b

Monday, July 05, 2010

We've only got for 4 weeks (until) to see the world

OK so world stars Madonna and Justin we ain’t. However, we may be world travellers in a few weeks.

We have been planning this holiday for...well months really. We started discussing it well over a year or so ago. Perhaps even longer. I have 2 months of long service waiting and we hadn’t had an overseas trip since Andy’s 40Th birthday. I always wanted to use one month for travelling and one month for house stuff [assumption was that we would have bought a house by then, however with the spiralling cost of real estate in this country has been obscene to say the least that has not yet come to fruition]. However the plan is going to be seen through anyhow. I have so many odds and ends to do around the home...let alone some time just to put my feet up for a bit and do...well sweet fuck all really. But before all that lovely slothy house DVD marathon gets cracking the world is waiting to be seen.

So deciding on taking a holiday wasn’t the issue. Where to go was. We always said we wanted to see USA – and agreed upon San Francisco, Las Vegas and NYC. Lovely. Gay town, party town then the capital of the world. Lovely. Then we decided to say fuck it and continue to Europe. Now this meant some planning and negotiation. Which country? Which city? Which tour? I had already travelled to London, Paris and Italy. Now I liked Italy but want to see another part of the continent.

UK was clearly number one on the list. Catching up with old friends in London, and going off to Wales to see [meet for the first time] Andy’s family. There is just something about that island nation I actually feel at home there. It must have been all the expats and BBC shows I have known all my life in OZ. Oh and the shopping is quite good.

Andy wanted to see Paris again [his description of it in when her visited in the 1980’s was it stank of piss and everyone was rude] as it has changed so much since. Although I loved it when I visited in 2005 but I did have a reservation seeing it again this trip [only as I wanted to see go there for my 40Th birthday in a few years time] but the thought of seeing the beautiful boulevards, buildings and Boulangeries again was of course too much to refuse. And this time I would see it in summer not autumn. Je suis heureux !

But where to next. I had to convince Andrew to visit Croatia to see my where my family is from. From Dubrovnik to Spilt and the islands that surround. I have no expectation as I have never been but everyone says it’s amazing...Andrew was pleasantly surprised when friends showed him pictures of a French Riviera style waterfront of Split [ he thought Croatia being a former eastern bloc country would be similar to the land of Borat, I have corrected him Dragie!].

Last stop was easily agreed upon. Bali for a week in a Villa and doing less than nothing. Well nothing will include cocktails, pool, tunes and food. And sun sun sun [ Especially after my very expensive visit to the Dermatologist who said I have good skin, no cancers and generally tan well – well some trade off for losing my hair!]

But this trip is not just about a sunny holiday. It’s about having a break from the mundane of everyday life, getting in touch with ourselves and each other, our family roots, our mates and seeing more of this great planet we inhabit. And now the winter seems to be getting colder, the days dragging and all I can think about is the trip. Why is it always like this the closer to a big trip. Now just to get through these last few and [painfully] long weeks. So will be worth the wait.

X b