Sunday, December 20, 2009

Another 10 for (20)10

Jesus I just realised that it’s the end of the year, and the decade in less than 2 weeks.

You know I can remember [barely mind] new years eve 1979. I mean I was only 5 but clearly remember that date. You never forget certain dates no matter what age. Especially in that year as my birthday party was shared with my sister [we are separated by 2 years but are born 3 days apart!] never nice to share birthdays unwillingly. I do remember though different birthday cakes. She had Donald Duck & I had Mickey Mouse - those piped whipped creations of birthday past. I remember that year vividly Perth celebrating its 150 sequentennial. Black Swans for days EVERYWHERE. But NYE '79 - we were dragged to a party to a local community hall in North Beach. I remember party lights, halter necks & moustaches, women drinking cask Moselle and men drinking Beer. Lots of tanned and red skin. Oh and everyone was smoking. I remember the highlight being the Conga line, streamers and horns at midnight. More Don's Party [even the politics spoken] than Abigail's Party. 1980 would bring a whole decade of school and ‘the bright future’. Whatever that was.

Then NYE 1989. I had finished lower school with only 2 more to go, Love shack was just on the radio [destined to be a hit] and I was 15 with a fringe from hell, at a house party in the suburbs. The women had moved onto perms and chardonnay, while the men still on beer. It had been a big year in an even bigger decade. We saw the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Cold War was over apparently]. We also saw [the rise and rise and subsequent] fall of the stock market and about to head into a murky recession. And fash was still mental. I remember all the teenage kids were all hanging out near the pool taking shit and embarrassed for our parents. Midnight came - no dancing - but well wishes for the new decade. I made a plan that night that I was going to fall in love before the next year eve. And I did. I just didn’t know at the time it was going to be with a man.

Next was 1999 and I didn't party like the song suggested. I was at a very grown up private house party in the right bit of South Yarra. It was champagne with a view of the fireworks at midnight with people I didn't know and never saw again. Pleasant, smart but restrained -a little disappointing for the end of the decade/century & millennium. In bed by 1am. Alone. It summed up the last 10 years for me – trying to do the right things and being myself. Struggling to find my own way in the world. Coming out and all the drama with it - especially with my family. Going to university, finishing my degree and then never using it. A 3 and a half year relationship that fizzed out and a string of jobs I was never really happy with. The new decade/century & millennium was going to be a fresh star

And the last 10 years have been. Personally and professionally they have had their challenges but many triumphs. The last year has been much harder than the rest as much has happened, especially with our families, work and each other. [NB I wanted to originally use this blog for most of my personal experiences but even I can’t go into these details as they are too personal and private. I think there is something to be said to share your life, but you always need to have some of it private for personal sanctuary].

So NYE 2009. We are going to be in Perth. No plans. And it doesn’t matter as it’s just another day in the big scheme of things. But it’s good to reflect on the years past. And welcome in the new one, no matter what it brings.

Have a safe holiday and I'll be back in 2010.

X b

Saturday, December 05, 2009

B52s LIVE: They came from Planet Clare

Melbourne has many old theatres. Most of these grand old dames have been revamped and rebuilt in the last few years. Their beauty restored but in this process they have lost some of their character. Some may say that it was that lived in look, so to speak. One still remains that has not had a spit and polish - still rusty, dusty and musty, like something out of an old movie. Given its age I’m not surprised if you see the ghost of Norma Desmond herself on any given night peering out of one of the towers balcony on Flinders Street haunting the corner below. The building is from a forgotten bygone era, the paint is cracked and its guarding gargoyles saddened by its faded glory. And its one of my favourites in town as it's still got 'it'.
Unlike its sisters in the trade which now stick to strictly musicals and the suchlike, The Forum still plays a variety of entertainers. Its forte are comedians [see Melbourne comedy festival] and live music. It’s not surprising that that band once described as the new wave kiddie rock punk band – The B52’s came to play. After the support act of the Proclaimers [Lady Norton - my date du jour - was pleased to hear them sing about their in-common hometown of Leith] the 30+ aged crowd was getting very excited by the headline act.

Now I have been an avid fan since the 80’s of this band and have been waiting to see them live since then. Yes it did start with Love shack [Even Rocklobster was before my time] but then I collected all their previous albums and listened to music that I never would have heard before [52 girls, Dance this mess around and Devil’s in my car to name a few]. My taste in music up to then consisted of Olivia Newton John, Bananarama and Wham [yes I way too gay beyond my years]. The success of the Cosmic thing album made them a worldwide household name. This after a long journey through tough gigs [The Mudd Club in NYC- the same era but the antithesis of Studio 54] music experimentation [Whammy & Mesopotamia to name a few], tragic loss [Cindy’s brother Ricky, the fifth band member sadly died of AIDS in the 80’s] and not to forgot all those god damn wigs.

So after donning three champers and a few pink frozen cocktails [aptly named Love shack] with the Lady Norton, the sound technician made his final checks and we are waiting for the countdown. Lights flash and Keith Strickland suddenly comes bounding out first. Now I have always fancied Keith – something about tall cute men. However I didn’t recognise him as Keith has decided to mix his look now into Goth & Marilyn Manson inspired- not what I remembered. Next was Fred Schneider - Fred did look like a very mad old homo and appeared not so happy to be there. But in fairness Fred was always the serious one and always looked like a mad old homo. But I was then nervous. Would Cindy Wilson just look like a Drag queen and Kate Pierson look like her mother - Goth like Keith and angry Fred troubled me so. Would they sound as good as I had heard so many years ago? Was their paint cracking ? Then the girls appeared, fine – sequins, feathers , 1960's frocks and those wigs – exactly what I thought they would look like. Good. No mothers of Drag Queens here. Good. Now breathe in and let them play.
They started singing. And they were...amazing. Fucking awesome actually.

Yes they are older [Jesus who isn’t] but their energy is still there. That very same energy they had when I heard them so many years ago in my teenage bedroom in Hamersley [so another story there but I digress]. And they played a variety of songs too [who doesn’t like a music buffet cooked up by their favourite band ?] Mesopotamia was earthy and rich while Private Idaho was punchy and exciting. Fred’s commanding lyrics in Strobe light made me shiver. Cindy singing Give me back my man ['Cindy Ill give you fish to sing that song again] and both of the girls blasting out Roam was so bloody fantastic it brought the house down. Lady Norton even managed to get us down to the front for the encore - Planet Clare & Rocklobster no less. So I did manage to Dance this mess around...and do all 16 dances.

They still got 'it'. I hear that even Norma was seen in the tower shimmying in a Lurex gown that night.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Movie Review:2012 [What a disaster]

Now before I launch into a one woman show about the state of films in 2009 and Hollywood and unoriginality – I want express my love – love love love for disaster films. My first disaster film was Towering Inferno – the mega skyscraper in the skyline of San Francisco that bursts into flames – a stellar cast of actual somebody’s – Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, William Holden, Faye Dunaway, Fred Astaire, Richard Chamberlain to name but a few – I remembering watching it on TV in the early 80’s and loved it [I was also pleased that it was made in the year of my birth but I digress]. Likewise the Poseidon Adventure – that giant boat hit by the tidal wave - you can’t forget Shelley Winters performance and her swimming medal or the fact that the tables stuck on the ceiling – and Airport with the glamorous soap opera styling that lead to a string of sequels [I will try to forget about Karen Black landing the plane in a later sequel].

In recent years they have remade Poseidon [which was not a copy rather a good film in its own right] and [thankfully] also revamped the genre to suit audiences tastes – look at CloverfieldGodzilla with Blair Witch styling’s and a good storyline. Or Titanic – the love story where the boat sinks [minus the fact that a woman of breeding would never flip the bird but that’s James Cameron for you] Now with CGI the disasters actually look real – and that much more scary because they do look believable.

But [back to the rant] for every Poseidon or Inferno – there is an Earthquake [please they just shook the camera and pushed over Ava Gardner] and Independence Day [the least I say about that waste of time, film and my life seeing that the better]. And unfortunately 2012 is not so much the ship hitting the iceberg – it’s really the giant moth of 1960’s Japanese disaster film Mosura laying the giant egg of a celluloid stinker in your local theatre.

So your basic premise of any disaster the film is the actual disaster and the effects – generally the best of that year of the film release [Even I have to admit Inferno is now dated and clearly a lego model - but at the time totally believable ]. Now I must admit that 2012 effects are extraordinary. LA plunging into the sea, tidal waves the size of Mt Everest, earthquakes to swallow Las Vegas and a Volcano to rival the destruction of Pompeii – well that is worth seeing on the big screen for – hands down.

But with any movie it’s also about the story - essentially the story of survival for disaster films. Now you need to choose your stars and their characters wisely as you want them to survive and you want to cheer when they do. 2012 - I couldn’t care less if all of the characters were swallowed up by the sea and you just watched more destruction of the Earth due to the alignment of planets [as predicted by the Mayan’s – that’s the premise]. Poor script, poor characters and poor choice of stars. Hands down.

I hope the next blockbuster disaster film won’t be so [insert own cliche here] If you go – go on a 2 for 1 deal or similar and only go for the effects.

2 natural disasters out of 5 [again only for the CGI].

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

You Tube:Michael Jackson Fail

I promised I would not post anything MJ related however I saw this hot guy dancing..let alone the ending...will post proper next time folks.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

You tube: Tron [pt 2]

Ok now being it forward 28 years with digital effects but the same concept in 3D...hottest film tipped for 2010.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Firstly this is not about Duran Duran. Sorry Eddy, Paula and Bek.

Secondly [to completely change the subject] I don’t talk about work here...and won’t ever – I truly believe in separating work and home life – true work life balance - let alone now talking about people or work and getting in strife with HR – oh no not for me. I still won’t talk about work with the exception of this brief entry. So saying that I got to work this morning and received an email stating that I had been there for 10 years.


I knew it was coming up but would you believe it I completely forgot the actual start date [well it was 10 years ago]. It’s funny how it happened. I moved to Melbourne a few years before and after working at a hotel for 6 months I then started working at a bank. I worked a 5 day week and then worked my weekend at the hotel for almost 3 years. The plan was to work as hard as possible to save money [for travel, rainy day stuff etc] but instead I managed to blow it all on...well...shit.

Well after working 6 sometimes 7 days a week it took it out of me...I had enough of both and applied for a new job – completely new field and industry [that will remain nameless - see above] and low and behold got it. That was October 11th 1999. In the last decade of the old millennium. I thought [after being at a hotel and bank for 3 years –my longest employers then to date] I would work there for 2 years or more then transfer to Sydney then move on [ at the time i had a lot of friends in Sydney and thought I would become another queen in the Harbour city].

Well that didn't happen did it.

Well what has happened since October 1999...[workwise]

10 years at the same employer also 10 years of a cash bonus [thankyou very much]
9 different managers [well at least]

8 different roles
7 Xmas party attendances [even I had to have a few years off]
6 actual different jobs

5 declined internal jobs
4 restructures
3 divisional moves and 3 different offices

2 secondments
1 management program
Countless workmates & work related piss ups

Its funny that’s all happened in 10 years – 30 years ago that might have happened over someone’s entire career[with the exception of the Xmas Party attendance]. Thank god I like my job, the people I work with and company I work
for. And after receiving a nice gift and almost 2 and a half months off [hopefully for travel I missed out in my 20's as I spent my money on shit] to take sometime soon. Its so been worth it.

Then I realised...I have been working full time for almost 13 years [part time/casual for 8 years prior to that due to studies] and now as I’m 35 years old [I hate it when people usually over 50 call themselves x years young- you’re old you old fart no matter what age]...and now that retirement age in OZ will be at least 70 for my generation...I have another 35 years left of working life.


Thursday, October 08, 2009

You Tube:Food Court Musical

This is what really happens when people start singing in normal life...not like they do in the musicals...v.funny though.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

UP, up and away

Firstly I want to start by saying I love animation. Period.

It’s a shame that I can’t remember the first actual animation film I watched as a child. However I do remember Dot & the Kangaroo (well known to OZ Gen Xers). Crappy animation but tear jerker of an ending. Yes of course I remember the Disney films well (an avid viewer of Sunday nights Wonderful world of Disney – after countdown no less). I can’t say I had a favourite of Disney as I liked them all...well until I watched Beauty & the Beast many years later (I discovered it after all the hype – so I missed out on the musical but saw it on ice – can you imagine 2 X 30 something gay men in a sea of children yelling Brava for a teapot skating on ice...but I digress).
But animation (cartoons in my day) shifted from hand drawn Aristocats, Cinderella, The Rescuers etc to the technological animation advances like Toy Story. Smart funny and full of toy nostalgia – aimed at kids (or Gen Xers?). There was the multicoloured brilliance of Finding Nemo... tropical fish are that alive when it comes to their colour. Then the tiny details of Bugs life – the antennae of the ants alone were fantastic. The bar was raised when the classic post war modern styled The Incredibles. Edna (clearly based on Hollywood costume designer Edith Head) I fell in love with the moment she poked her tiny head/massive bob cut on the screen. Of course there are always the shit ones like Cars – so Yawn - but generally these films are an exploration of ideas and technology telling a story.

UP is yet another great animation film. Simply one man’s life dream to visit a remote jungle in South America and the old travellers he grudgingly collects along the way. The characters are funny and likable. The story is sweet - but not that Disney sugar coated nonsense - just a pleasant tale.

Now Disney ( or I should say PIXAR) have raised the bar yet again. The colours used in this film are amazing. The balloons and that bird even beat the palate of Nemo. I think they stole Florence Broadhurst old wallpaper catalogue (I’m reading her biography at the moment hence the reference but more of that later) Actually the Bird and the dog steal the show. I especially liked when the bird impersonates the old man...too funny. There are many hilarious moments in this film - The dogs with their talking collars is very clever – The main cute mutt you want to adopt, even if you are a cat person.

Anything else would be telling too much. This is a film that will easily universally be accepted for any age group – entertaining for the kids as well as the adults (or should I say Gen Xers taking their kids/nephews & nieces/ Partners). Yes like Dot & the Kangaroo there are sad moments – minus the crappy animation of course...making UP Pixar’s best film to date. Period.

4 and a half balloons of out 5.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

You Tube:Air New Zealand Ad

You may need to watch this ad a few times for the penny to drop - very clever. Next post will be proper post as been super busy. X b

Monday, August 31, 2009

Ýou Tube: Song For a Future Generation

For my 250th post I would like to celebrate with the B-52's with a song now over 25 years old- once described as the original new wave kiddie punk rock band - still dancing and messin around...and I finally get to see them in December! Will they do all 16 dances?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Movie review: Project 9

Now I have been told that I get things mixed up...occasionally. I once got Margo Kidder mixed up with Stockhard Channing with a character ‘Margo Channing’ – played by Bette Davis in All about Eve. Just recently I have been calling HBO The wire – Wired. And I thought singer Kate Perry was also actress Zooey Deschanel [ yes who? Fooey the Chanel?] Hence why I mixed them up.

And so when I got the new disaster flick 2012 mixed up with Project 9 this was no surprise to Andrew. We sat there in the cinema and it dawned upon me [ this after booking & purchase of the tickets as well as the buckets of popcorn the size of our bodies] that yet again I mixed the movies up after the trailer of 2012 came on prior to the film.

Set in current day Johannesburg South Africa, an alien spacecraft has been suspended in the air for the last 20 years packed full of aliens refugees. But don’t think this is a purely sci fi film. Its starts in the documentary hand held way to introduce the main characters – but this is not a mock-u-mentry. It’s also funny but this isn’t a comedy. Basically the government of the day is planning to move the alien precinct to 250Km outside of Joburg. The parallels to the world’s treatment of foreign or [alien] refugees in a post 911 world are quite obvious. But this is a not a social commentary film either. This mixed up film of genres makes you wonder what is going to happen or occur in the film – or what this film is really about.
Peter Jackson is the producer and his early films [before the Rings] were always very quirky and off the wall – look at ‘Meet the Feebles’’ & ‘Braindead’- funny yet dark and grim. But instead of the films just becoming being a gore or shock film, there is always as strong story line, and this is also apparent in 9.

Without telling more of the story or ruining the film, there is something going on with the aliens...and something much darker going on with the ominous military group of why they want the aliens to move. The main character is really the anti hero – and initially quite annoying. No big stars in this and thankfully so - you concentrate on the characters and story rather than the name.

There are some violent scenes in the film, but don’t be put off. The chase scenes will get your heart racing [the sci fi geek next to me was jumping around his seat and cheering when the 'badies' get shot but don’t be put off from seeing this film as that’s the crowd you get at the Victoria Gardens at the early session Saturday night – I digress] and the aliens are very realistic looking – not the wobbly plastic circa 1976 Doctor Who/Blake 7 type at all. I was also genuinely convinced of all of the South African accents - not like Meryl in Out of Africa – all mixed up in a wrong way. This film is all mixed up in the right way. And my dears there is nothing wrong about that.

4 shaken not stirred UFO’s out of 5.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

You Tube: Bawdy 1970s hospital sketch

I loved the carrry on films and also love That Mitchell and Webb look - ooooh MATRON! I love it

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lunch with Brack & Dali for tea

Making the most of a day off last week I finally went to see exhibitions of John Brack and Dali at the NGV galleries. I used to frequent art galleries when I was in my 20’s but I find it harder now I’m working full time so I was glad I managed to find the time to view both artists as I admire them both for different reasons.After lunch it was then to Fed Square for Brack. I love retrospectives as having all the paintings in the same space it becomes clear how the artist developed and evolved. Brack started painting subjects very architecturally, added to this his ongoing commentary on post war suburban life, gave his work such a distinctive style quite unique in Australia at the time.
The first John Brack I saw was at the Art Gallery of WA in the 1980’s – one of his pair of ballroom dancers painted in black, white and lime green. I loved it. It was wonderful that the piece was included in the exhibition. I loved all the other ballroom paintings included as well such as Latin American Grand Final and didn’t realise that they were the inspiration of Baz Lurhman’s flashback scene in Strictly Ballroom. He managed to capture the same glamour and wonderful movement as Brack did. His later work removed subjects and concentrated on inanimate objects which although had much meaning behind be honest it was a bit lost on me. I feel that his human subjects proved a better source of his style.I then headed to St Kilda road gallery for High Tea to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Well, as a lover of High T – I must admit the gallery’s was v. good. After about 3 bottles of sparking the HT troupe made our way to the exhibition. Surprisingly after viewing Australian post war artist to the King of Surrealism was actually not such a leap – but it could have been the wine playing art travel agent.
Now Dali was never one of my favourites. It was always too ‘weird ‘when I was younger and quite frankly ‘messy’. Ah how our tastes change when we get older [thankfully for the better]as the exhibition was amazing. Subtitled ‘Liquid Desire’ it showcased some of his most spectacular works. The selection was so varied from painting to film to jewellery, sculpture and animation. Again I think some of the work was lost on me and I question the critic’s text to explain the painting – sometimes it comes across as dictating a subjective point of view of the art to the viewer – however his landscapes and portraits really touched me. The choice of colour palate and how he framed the scene [especially those of Spain] clearly showed he had a great understanding of his subject as well as his skills as an artist – same way Brack framed Collins St at 5pm – different artists & styles but creating wonderful art.
I really enjoyed the animation of Destino and thought it was a shame that Disney didn’t proceed with Dali’s animation at the time – its amazing the man had the intelligence to engage an artist but not the balls to carry it through.
Even if you are not a fan of either artist its a fantastic opportunity to view both of these masters work in the one space.

John Brack: Inside and Outside – until the 9th of August 2009 - NGV at Fed Square.
Dali: Liquid Desire – until 4th of October 2009 - NGV at St Kilda Road.

5 melting clocks out of 5 ballroom dancers.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sites to check out...From Rogues & Turkeys to masterspieces

Well goodness its cold in Melbourne town at the moment...thankfully I have been enjoying the indoors with a lovely new laptop [sorry notebook] and enjoying bejewelled & farmville games on Facebook [but enough of my 80's gamer obsession for now] I found 3 sites which I want to share...

Firstly from the [ominous] site - the Rogues gallery - there snapshots of criminals behaving like...common our sample photo friend above...mother of the year no less...v.funny.
Next is blog featuring the polar opposite... you look marvelous is exactly that - images of pop art, ads and other incredible objects of beauty...always nice to cheers you up and remember life is also filled with glamour...if not just for a moment.
And finally and totally off the subject - as winter is the time for staying in and basically...eating...I found a very useful Turkey calculator for Andy when he was cooking one - it came in very handy this Xmas in July [ which made it the triumph it was].
I'll be back soon but the Love my way DVD is calling me back to bed....

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

You Tube: Total Eclipse of the Heart: Literal Video Version

This is heaven - some smarty made a literal version of this of the classic Bonnie Tyler song - so so funny - esp how they get away with the new lyrics

Monday, June 22, 2009

That was the week that was

Well Jesus what a week!
So let me tell you whats been going since the [acopolypic] post eurovision world that was May

Well it all started last Friday - it was our last day at the old office - now don't get me wrong - working [just off] the tree lined vista that is St Kilda Road sounds like a great location...well to live - not work. Especially after working on Collins Street for 8 years to work with all the city delights then to work in South Melbourne - which their delights [ahem] paling in comparison. So we were treated to a farewell party in the afternoon [which was a lot of fun] at a local nightclub [which it is always weird to go to a nightclub in the afternoon unless you are attending a recovery as you have already been out for days] and although only 4 drink cards were issued many more were drunk. Then a trip to the casino[I know when did i become a bogan?] and ending the night at the Peel. Tidy. Gay Tidy that is.
Needless to say the mix of the champers, then beer then vodka[of course] did not agree with myself and Saturday consisted of the C's - couch, [take away] chicken, chips, coke & curry. I didn't feel the best Carmel.

I did attempt to go to the gym on Sunday but was still feeling rough - it later turned out that I was not still hungover but I had gotten a virus that most of the Friday party goers also came down in record numbers - so the glam new office with all its brand new furniture & paint & naughties concepts were only half full this week as most of us were at home sick!
I always have sick issues - I am forever needling to do things so staying on my arse in bed watching Kerry Anne/that bogan on 10 and Oprah starts to get to me so i caught up with some serious DVD watching - Kill Bill VOL 1 & 2, The Pianist[ I did heavy weeping] and Victoria Wood as seen on TV - I know quite a combination - A bit like ordering a steak from Hogsbreath cafe with a Cheese Souffle from Jacques Raymond and a Marks & Spencer raspberry Trifle from the trolley - but I digress.

So bless in my team have been hobbling in with their post war-party -virus wounds and have settled in to the new environment quite well - its really weird to go from a 20 year old office to one that is now so state of the art - 'quiet' meeting rooms & break out rooms resembling the big brother house - hexagon like workstations with bright colours & sophisicated lighting and no bins - nearly everything gets recycled- all very 2009 - you are really aware of your environment - Was this the shock of the new they used to refer to with post war modernism architecture or just the shock of the new office?
And more shock & guff with Utegate emails & the government. Well quite frankly they should all just shut up about it and complete signing off on the carbon emissions scheme - enough said on that sordid,sad and shitty bit of federal politics. Jesus its making State politics looking like a better adversary. LOL. Please even I couldn't keep a straight face with that statement.
And now even more shock this morning - RIP Farrah Fawcett & Michael Jackson - losing a Charlie angel and a Jackson in the same 24 hours - Jesus. I always say when 2 celebrities die a third is close by - Remember Gianni Versace then Princess Di then Mother Theresa all in a short space of time in 1997- you know then another 70's & 80's star is on the way - I'm sorry to put it out there but its gonna happen.
So now what? So on top of the next celebrity death I'm also predicting a relationship breakdown - Danni & her most beautiful beau - well I hope not as I like them both quite a lot. Dancing with Stars actually bombing this season maybe instead? Have you seen the Z-List celebrities they trawled for that catastrophic car crash? However Daniel MacPherson does look hotter than ever with the new cut and Sonia Kruger - who doesn't love Tina Sparkle?
What a week that was!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

You Tube: Dinner Party on the Tube

I love this - take a group of good friends who arrange an interactive dinner party on the tube - certainly brightens up the journey to Baker Street - I can't imagine this on crappy Connex trains here but possibly with Yarra Trams maybe?

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Stop Me

Well post Eurovision and I was in need of DECENT music again and I'm all in love with the music of Mark Ronson at the moment - From Amy to Lily to Daniel let alone all the remixes - Now just to get him and the Freemasons together and I can die a happy gay.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Eurovision 2009 - Postscript

Well its over for another year - and in reflection it has been quieter than years gone by.

Sure there was Ukraine drumming away when singing and dancing with half naked centurions...Fire throwers when Finland was rappin'...Germany kissin' and a bangin' with Guest act Ditte Von Teese...all very Eurotrash and lovin' it. But Moldova, Norway and Azerbaijan going back to folky past [obviously working in Norway's favour]was the surprise. I think all the crazy's get the boot in the semi' needless to say I'll be placing on emphasis on that for 2010.
Israel, Iceland, France, UK and Malta all delivered Divas Du Jour of the competition - Sweden's Pop-pera star seemed to be dulled down after her performance from her original in her home country and no opera face to be seen.
The men didn't fair as well as the ladies I'm afraid - Greece was just playing to the gays as was Germany [too plastic fantastic for my liking], Denmark was just too Rowan Keating looki-and-soundy-likey [already covered in previous post ]and the Croatian lad was hot but again sang in Croatian that no one understands other than the locals.
But not all bad -The set was truly amazing - though I would have to be the one in trouble if the turning electronic show didn't work - I suppose Dress rehearsal is for that sort of thing - shame the presenters needed to practice their lines/sketches they add so willingly that no one really wants?
Eurovision 2009 is over for Russia and Moscow- Oslo Next year!

The winner is...Norway!

Well I managed to watch bleary eyed just the last 10 minutes via web stream from the official site [is it just me but I'm still impressed that the net offers such a service? But try to get a postage stamp without fuss from the Post office - I digress slavishly] and Norway - the favourite - won!

I think what I am more impressed about this morning is that my top 3 predictions of Norway [1st], Iceland [2nd] & Turkey [4th] were pretty much correct - the only one I missed out was Azerbaijan who came 3rd - which to me sounded like Turkey from 5 years ago but obviously was right on the night. I told you the voting was fickle!

I will be watching tonight on SBS at 7:30pm - expect a silly, sardonic, sarcastic and sensationalist post script by tomorrow.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Eurovision 2009 - The second semi...

Well yet another fabulous Russian TV telethon production for the 2nd final, [highlights included the giant babushka doll - bless - and the Russian Ballet at interval - Russia can definitely take the ballet as one of their monumental artistic achievements but I digress]- and the results are in for the final...

The 25 songs participating in the Grand Final are the following:

1. Lithuania: Sasha Son will sing Love

2. Israel: Noa & Mira Awad will sing There Must Be Another Way

3. France: Patricia Kaas will sing Et S'il Fallait Le Faire

4. Sweden: Malena Ernman will sing La Voix

5. Croatia: Igor Cukrov feat. Andrea will sing Lijepa Tena

6. Portugal: Flor-De-Lis will sing Todas As Ruas Do Amor

7. Iceland: Yohanna will sing Is It True

8. Greece: Sakis Rouvas will sing This Is Our Night

9. Armenia: Inga & Anush will sing Jan Jan

10. Russia: Anastasia Prikhodko will sing Mamo

11. Azerbaijan: AySel & Arash will sing Always

12. Bosnia and Herzegovina: Regina will sing Bistra Voda

13. Moldova: Nelly Ciobanu will sing Hora Din Moldova

14. Malta: Chiara will sing What If We

15. Estonia: Urban Symphony will sing Rändajad

16. Denmark: Brinck will sing Believe Again

17. Germany: Alex Swings Oscar Sings will sing Miss Kiss Kiss Bang

18. Turkey: Hadise will sing Düm Tek Tek

19. Albania: Kejsi Tola will sing Carry Me in Your Dreams

20. Norway: Alexander Rybak will sing Fairytale

21. Ukraine: Svetlana Loboda will sing Be My Valentine! (Anti-Crisis Girl)

22. Romania: Elena will sing The Balkan Girls

23. United Kingdom: Jade Ewen will sing It's My Time

24. Finland: Waldo's People will sing Lose Control

25. Spain: Soraya will sing La Noche Es Para Mi

Boo Hiss boo for not allowing the gay disco track from Hungary in [although in reality I'm not surprised]...however very happy that the fro from Serbia didn't get a mention let alone those pack of sado's from the Netherlands [I mean really, silver lyrca suits!]

A surprise finalist here is the very ethic polka from Moldova [truely shite]... Mr Kiss Kiss Bang-i-ty nonsense got in did the dark horse 'Believe again' from Denmark - interesting to note the most looki-likey in the whole competition - sounds and looks like Rowan Keating...and the song was written guessed it...Rowan Keating. In a world first...well in my blog anyway I am predicting the top 3 of the grand final will include Norway with Fairytale, Turkey with Dum Tek Tek & Iceland Is It True.
Only a short time now and the winner of Eurovision 2009 will be announced...I have already planned evening in no less.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Eurovision 2009 - the first out of the hat...

Well the first final hit Europe last night...and, well all I can describe it as a Russian Telethon meets Big brother elimination show from the 80's ( if it wasn't so communist then mind you ) and kudos to the presenters with their Russian-English speech - a real tribute to Good morning Moscow sketch from Fast Forward ( for those from OZ who can remember ].

The 1st group of finalists are:-
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Actually not a bad selection so far...the losers included the idiot Gypsy superhero from the Czech republic missed out (boo hoo) as did Bulgaria [or as I would like to say - Vulgaria after this years performance] neither did the Copycat Elvis from Belgium or the pseudo weird 70's pop singer from Belarus [so awful i can't describe].

However the only actual rock band Lovebugs from Switzerland didn't cut the mustard is fickle word of Eurovision voting [lest we forget 1969 with 4 equal winners!]...another final to go then the big one this weekend...and it's only going to be that much more crap-tac-ular!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Eurovision 2009 - Highlights - Switzerland

Lovebugs -The Highest Heights - This is from the first rehearsal of the finals . A real band is a rare thing in the contest - who knew the Swiss like rock not just banks and chocolate.

Eurovision 2009 - Highlights - Denmark

Niels Brinck - Believe again - is really something you would hear from IDOL - but saying that its not too bad. It may not be catchy enough for a united continent vite decide.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Eurovision 2009 - The dark horse - Turkey

Hadise - Dum Tek Tek - is now the outsiders chance of winning - This Turkish Beyonce has the moves with this ethnic pop dance tune. I expect many dancers on the night in manner of ring on it when she performs

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Eurovision 2009 - Bloggers choice - Iceland

Jóhanna Guðrún - Is It True - is actually my song du jour of the competition. The gorgeous Jóhanna sings a love song without being too sappy or sentimental. Jesus I do have a heart...sob

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Eurovision 2009 - The Favourite to win - Norway

Alexander Rybak - Fairytale - This is the song the bookies are betting will win - Folky pop by a violinist boy from Belarus who now calls Norway home - Is this the winner?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

RIP - Bea Arthur

Known best as 'Bossom Buddy' Vera Charles from Mame, '70's pro feminist' Maude from Maude and my favourite Dorothy from 'Golden Girls' - she will be greatly missed. Here singing ' "What'll I Do?" RIP Bea.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Eurovision 2009 Highlights continued - Sweden

Malena Ernman - La Voix - This is definately gets my vote for 80's DIVA award of Eurovision 2009 - Especially like ' Crazy Opera face' [3:05] similar vein to crazy choir face, but sung with operettas instead of choral music.

Eurovision 2009 Highlights - Hungary

Zoli Ádok - Dance With Me - is possibly the gayest song ever - but its a little catchy and yes I would dance to it at the Peel on a Friday night if the moment so takes me after bevies du jour...needless to say the filmclip is the second gayest thing ever (after the song)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Eurovision 2009 - 2nd Semi final

Well the Slavic countries are the highlight here esp Crazy 'Fro from Serbia however Norways Fairytale polks folk and those sad baby boomers clad in silver suits from Netherlands give the old east bloc a run for there money - Enjoy!

Eurovision 2009 - 1st Semi Final

Lordy a treat here for the 1st semi finalists - including A superhero from the Czech Rep. Elvis from Belgium and a fat Celine Dion from Malta - Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Eurovision 2009

Well I'm back [from holidays] and so is Eurovision.

Ahh Eurovision - this is one of my many crap-tack-ular highlights of the year - never failing to please. Now I started to think that as this year it is held in Russia that all the old Balkan/East Bloc countries will just sing in Russian out of habit [or possibly fear of the old days] - I'm glad to say that's not the case. And whether the economic crisis is hitting the contest, or just tastes are changing [assuming you had taste to begin with] this year flavour has more subdued. Well for Eurovision it is.

Now there are still the pop songs and future [gay] dance floor hits - thanks to Finland, Greece & Montenegro [with the original lyric of Just get out of my head, just get out of my bed then repeat - Lennon would be envious !] - but this year there is definitely folky/slow and dramatic being theme dujour highlight. France, after entering the Charles Manson look alike DJ with his cutting edge song in '08 has gone for a dramatic SLOW love song in manner of Edith Piaff...Norway goes with 'Fairy tale' waltzy folk complete with a violinist singer...and there is a semi operetta from Sweden.
For me, however this year is all about looki-likeys or I should say ' Soundseelikey'. Germany offers its own Crooner [in manner of Michael Buble] with Miss Kiss Kiss Bang [ not of course too dissimilar to Dionne Warwick's MR kiss kiss bang bang but I digress] Switzerland gives its own version of the Coldplay [I didn't know they got franchised] A Danish back street boys, A Jimmy Sommerville like castrato from Bulgaria [thankfully sung in English] and Andorra offers it's Natalie Imbruglia [yes dear readers I had to google her to write her name correctly] - just to name a few.
I will [of course] be posting clips of the favourites before the big night in May.
Let Eurovision 2009 Begin! [Offical site belowif you need a bigger fix]

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Another 10...

[thanks to for the snap]

Well its finally time for a holiday - which is well overdue. I'm looking forward to 2 weeks of sun, catching up with old friends & family. I have really struggled this year to get to this point however it was the end goal of a few months of stress. So I've made a short list of goodies to look forward to post holidays.

1 - Easter. I know its sounds lame but how many christian holidays you get to pig out on chocolate eggs, hot cross buns and get 4 days off. It would beat Christmas [If it wasn't for turkey, pudding & gifts really].

2. Autumn. Yes again another one sounding lame however after the summer that was like every oven, car engine, hair drier, electric heater and anything else warm was turned up to extreme. Let alone all the fires around Victoria - We need the rain [currently Melbourne damns are under 30% - we'll be on rations soon! It will be like the war...without the war]. And Melbourne is ever so pretty with the autumnal colours.
3. Judith Lucy. Melbourne Comedy festival is on next month and this year Miss Judith Lucy is back with " “Judith Lucy’s Not Getting Any Younger” This will be Judith’s ninth solo show and I can not wait. She is gold.

4. Eurovision.My crap-o-metre is already off the planet as Russia is hosting and yes one of my first entries when I'm back will be short listing the favourites...and the not so favourites. Especially like the new deal that Graham Norton will be taking the place of Terry Wogan as compare, a worthy replacement no less.

5. Home sweet home. We are in the market and have attended a few auctions - still going for higher than what we want to pay however hoping the 'credit crisis', 'Great Recession' or whatever you want to call it will help us buy...finally.

6. Cheque from the PM. I still can't believe this. The Commonwealth government is basically giving everyone in OZ about a grand to spend to stimulate the economy. Of course what happens is everyone saves it or pays off debit. Oh well finally some of that tax payer money coming to me instead of away. Hello new laptop.

7. My birthday. Yes another lame one for everyone who is not me.

8. Missing Melbourne Grand Prix. By a strange twist of fate [and excellent timing] we miss the Grand Prix this year. Boo Hoo. And in the process miss the yobbo's, rev heads, noise [ don't even get me started on the MASSIVE carbon footprint it leaves]. Boo Hoo.

9. More Miss Lily Allen. I. Just. Love. Her.
[Maybe a bit too much at the moment - see last post].
10. Planning more trips - All worktime and No playtime is just wrong.

See you in April
X b.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lily Allen - The Fear

OMG I'm just so in love with Miss Allen at the moment - The fear is just heaven - I wonder if she needs a fag bangle???

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Comments from Craig

One of the things I love about my fair city is the quirkiness of some its residents.

Meet Craig - apparently he is plastering the light & tram poles of Prahran & Windsor with his thoughts and ideas of what he likes...

I do like how he wants to get others on his band wagon of fun...and explanations of...well stuff really...Ladies looking for Love? Look no further - with Craig's DVD collection & his snappy dress sense who would need anything else?

And Craig is obviously a thinking man - and cares for the globe and the economy...
I love this - if you see more around the streets of Melbourne please let me know...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

You Tube:Danny Boy

I loved the muppets.Clearly the three best singers the Muppets have ever had to offer, together at last. Enjoy.

Monday, February 16, 2009

That was the thing that was....

After finding the Old Skyline Drive-in clip on You tube it started me thinking about how much fun the drive-in was and how it simply died after 30 years of public service. The advent of home video recorders was the killer, which was then super seceded a decade or so later with DVD and now - Blue ray. This started me thinking about technology - sometimes it paves the way for a whole new product or process making instant changes in habits or lifestyles that makes other product or processes vertically obsolete over night.
Historically - the Penny farthing, the Gas light, the humble horse and cart - superseded by the bicycle, the electric bulb & the automobile [respectively]. All had a very useful purpose for many years and even today. However I don't think I would want to read by gas light now or clean up after the horse [the cat is bad enough] let alone mounting a giant wheel for a ride. Good technology also makes items so much easier to use like the computer. My mother told me that one of her first office jobs in the 1960's the computer took up half the floor of the building [like the ones from James Bond or Space films of the same era] and could only 10 calculations per hour or so.
Jump to now and the humble PC does more things that the ones NASA was using to place Neil Armstrong on the moon. And now with the email who needs the humble postage service for a letter? Goodbye to the humble typewriter or even fax machine too. Let alone the endless possibilities that the Internet can offer - information from shopping to online billing & banking services, gaming, history, networking sites like Facebook and [of course] porn, all delivered via the humble phone line. And now you can be wireless anywhere [within service range] with devices such as the iphone - delivering a range of technologies and mediums from phone, internet, music & gaming - the lot - in that tiny shiny sexy little casing. Selling a lifestyle with the added bonus of making our lives that much easier.Now I don't want to sound like an Luddite about to smash Spinning Jennies into the Grand Junction Canal [how many dated references there missus] but sometimes all this technology is just too much. The humble telly is now a wafer thin flat screen device that sucks the equivalent energy a third world country would use in a year. Yes it looks fab but what about that nasty carbon footprint it leaves every time you turn it on. Does the matching surround sound system really need to be the same as a multiplex cinema for a bachelors flat? Let alone does a car really need a camera to help you reverse park? What about making it more fuel efficient? Or better still a car that runs on Hydrogen or H2O? And for that matter -If they can make Viagra for men to get hard ons why not still a cure for AIDS? Or the humble cold?
Now don't get me wrong - I'm advocating to go back the horse and cart or [for that matter] for women to start wearing bustles & frock coats for men. Neither do I want Betacord back, listen to tape cassettes or work with card punch machines. Technology should be used for good not evil - but that's not Technology's fault - its for those of us consuming these follies...maybe we need to be more choosy about what impact they have on the environment as well as their convenience. To shun those who does not take our precious environment into account. Or each other for that matter.

Now I do sound like a modern day Luddite. Best go back to the days of sending telegrams to the Prussian Consulate in Siam before I listen to my old 78's on my gramophone and foxtrot the night away to forget these stresses of modern day living.

Fuck that - I'll email them instead and listen to music in the ipod like everyone else does nowdays as its way too easy to use. My Foxtrot is just fine by the way- its my crumping that needs practice.

Friday, February 06, 2009

You Tube: Skyline Drive-in

Ahh the lost drive ins of my youth - although I was not around when this was made. I especially like the direction of how to use the speaker (which never worked ) and the glamourous food stand ( which was never that nice) - still miss it though

Saturday, January 24, 2009

OZ day - Blogs to check out

[Ah Pauline - I have always wondered why only rednecks drape the flag like a cape. Probably because the rest of us can afford clothes].

Australia Day - the 26th of January is the official OZ birthday. We plan to head off to an picnic to celebrate [by celebrate I mean to go out in public, stuff our faces and drink too much to make boules & frisbee more interesting] & I thought how could I share our national holiday with the globe...and as I can not bake green & gold cupcakes to all and sundry [I just don't have the oven space nor a good relationship with my local post office however I digress] so instead I wanted to share some Aussies blogs which I enjoy immensely.

Firstly beginning with A - Crazy Cousin Anne [from tough at the top fame] has gone from Melbourne to Darwin to Berlin & back to Melbourne again [in manner of not so much Auntie Mame around the world more like the big trip of a daughter of a certain Moonee Ponds housewife] Wonderfully titled Bless me father for I have sinned [That catholic guilt just never goes away does it] dearest Anne has decided to start to reminisce about her very funny childhood...

Oh & this was her travel blog Anne in Berlin
[Eich ein Berliner Anne? Nein Frau Anne].

Yarraville Paul - Another gay Melbournian's rant of pop culture, hot men, technology & politics - a good read - always!

Punk & Blanket combines art & culture [and the love of Karl Lagerfeld] into one convenient size that fits all

But it's not all about things that go POP - the geeky greenie sometimes beats the pop bitch in me - Peter Parker [no not Spidey] from Melbourne on transport gives his views on how to fix our transport chaos. Possibly the planet too

Formerly of Big Queen Rod - this Sydney sider has now transformed his blog to the heavenly Popsickle yet another OZ pop culture icon

And for the love of TV - the only blog to consult is TV tonight - for all doings, comings & goings of OZ TV

Now that where I should end it...but that's not it...

There is one more I need to's not really Australian [in fact its American - how appropriate on our National Holiday to involve yanks!] and quite rude too [oh yes this blog is so not for work dear reader]...however its my most favourite blog of the moment - lurid digs - it combines very witty Interior design commentary [in manner of Dorothy Parker meets Martha Stewart at the Blue Oyster bar] & when gays get it wrong [especially when they are trying to be sexy in there own homes] urgh! - its a fucking kak!

Happy OZ day!

Friday, January 23, 2009

You Tube:Natalie Bassingthwaighte - Alive

I'm loving Nat at the moment - the 'So you think you can dance[OZ]' host's latest- and I love the golden/sepia Nat in this clip of many looks

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Film Review: AUSTRALIA

Well after reading all the reviews on this film you would think that Baz delivered a lemon to the big screen. In fact, probably why it took me so long to go see it.

Well let me tell you that's just not the case. In fact it’s quite the opposite.

AUSTRALIA is film which evokes the golden age of film epics. It is so well suited the big screen as the viewer can appreciate the rich landscapes, the eccentric characters and the overall tale it tells. Set between the backdrop of Pre war Darwin [the last Australian capital city which was even up to recently was a backwater outpost] and the extreme Australian outback, it is essentially a love story between the two leads Lady Ashley [Nicole Kidman] & the drover [Hugh Jackman].
Now don’t get me wrong, the first twenty minutes of hearing Nic’s English accent is unsettling, as with how Baz does the whole quick play of how she comes to Australia [this verges on the camp – yes even for moi] thankfully this is only one part of the tale.

This film makes many references to great films of the past, the most obvious is the ‘Wizard of OZ’ of course. However there are some scenes he has deliberately lit like the Hollywood sound stages of the 1940’s which so suits the era of which the film is set. Theses scenes created by Baz are wonderful. The Victorian homestead of Faraway downs is so typically rural Australia. The Cocktail Party scene at Government house could easily been an ex-pat party in Hong Kong or Singapore of the era. The bombing of Darwin and aftermath of it are both shocking and devastating [no it is not a knock off of Pearl Harbor]. But the landscape of the bush, the hard earth and the extreme temperature, are the real scene stealer of this film's cinematography.
Speaking of which, the quality of each performer are equally as high. So many accomplished Australian actors [which the exception of Geoffrey Rush & Kate Blanchet!] are in this film. Jack Thompson plays a drunk Englishman in a supporting role which is very funny. Nicole is very good [minus the first 20 minutes of the accent] and Hugh, well he is very believable as the Drover [and yes he gets his shirt off a few times] and I didn’t even mind the ‘crikey’ slang he speaks. The young actor Brandon Walters is brilliant as the aboriginal boy caught between his traditional roots and the world of ‘white Australia’ of the 1940’s. In fact the entire cast does a marvelous job.

Go see it as it's meant for the big screen – Baz did a fabulous job with this.

4 Billabongs out of 5.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Holiday Ste(wart) Crazy

Well its been a busy holiday that Martha herself would be most proud...just not in that orange outfit [uh isn't bad enough to send people to jail LET alone choose the colour orange - ironically it is a majestic colour...the Royal house of Holland is known as the House of orange...but I digress.] We have been entertaining quite a bit - like everyone else [of course] over the holiday period...Christmas day lunch, then supper, Boxing Day lunch, then off to a Birthday drinks, a quick trip to the country, a house guest, a NYE party then another luncheon & a movie before heading back to work. All in ten days no less. Martha & Tina Brown would be proud.
Unlike previous years where we have gone from one party to another then another party - this year we were VERY sensible and had one day on one day rest the body & mind...let alone a break from all the rich food and booze [we kept the makers of Rennie in Christmas booty over the break]. Of course now I would love some turkey in my sandwich but alas all gone...There is [thankfully] a Christmas pudding still here so not all bad news.
So on top of the entertaining...I managed to make Pea & Ham soup (from left over Christmas Ham) and jam and liqueur from a friends bumper crop of Cherry Plums (both pictured above, and yes still waiting on Ms Stewart to call for the recipe)...waiting on the apricots for more jam and lemons for in between the hostess [with definitely the most'est] gig I'm doing my best impersonation of a 50's housewife - which I don't mind however I don't think I would have the same pinny as her below....but I do like her mixer.

Got me thinking that Housewife's role hasn't really disappeared rather really just merged with ourselves [Yes I know some more than others- moi for example] - and unlike the Fabulous 50's housewife of yesteryear we have just taken some of the traditional tasks and chosen the ones we like and discarded the ones we do not like/use or made redundant. Or employ others to action [like house cleaner, child carer etc]. This, of course, isn't a bad thing.

But give me the option I'd much rather kissing Andy goodbye every morning before I start polishing the silver, dusting my knick knacks, getting a pot roast on for dinner and planning the next luncheon rather than working until retirement [another 35 -40 years in the future - urgh!] - and for those saying I would get bored...well chance will be a fine thing...

Best plan the next holiday and get the next tram to work so I can pay for it.