Sunday, January 04, 2009

Holiday Ste(wart) Crazy

Well its been a busy holiday that Martha herself would be most proud...just not in that orange outfit [uh isn't bad enough to send people to jail LET alone choose the colour orange - ironically it is a majestic colour...the Royal house of Holland is known as the House of orange...but I digress.] We have been entertaining quite a bit - like everyone else [of course] over the holiday period...Christmas day lunch, then supper, Boxing Day lunch, then off to a Birthday drinks, a quick trip to the country, a house guest, a NYE party then another luncheon & a movie before heading back to work. All in ten days no less. Martha & Tina Brown would be proud.
Unlike previous years where we have gone from one party to another then another party - this year we were VERY sensible and had one day on one day rest the body & mind...let alone a break from all the rich food and booze [we kept the makers of Rennie in Christmas booty over the break]. Of course now I would love some turkey in my sandwich but alas all gone...There is [thankfully] a Christmas pudding still here so not all bad news.
So on top of the entertaining...I managed to make Pea & Ham soup (from left over Christmas Ham) and jam and liqueur from a friends bumper crop of Cherry Plums (both pictured above, and yes still waiting on Ms Stewart to call for the recipe)...waiting on the apricots for more jam and lemons for in between the hostess [with definitely the most'est] gig I'm doing my best impersonation of a 50's housewife - which I don't mind however I don't think I would have the same pinny as her below....but I do like her mixer.

Got me thinking that Housewife's role hasn't really disappeared rather really just merged with ourselves [Yes I know some more than others- moi for example] - and unlike the Fabulous 50's housewife of yesteryear we have just taken some of the traditional tasks and chosen the ones we like and discarded the ones we do not like/use or made redundant. Or employ others to action [like house cleaner, child carer etc]. This, of course, isn't a bad thing.

But give me the option I'd much rather kissing Andy goodbye every morning before I start polishing the silver, dusting my knick knacks, getting a pot roast on for dinner and planning the next luncheon rather than working until retirement [another 35 -40 years in the future - urgh!] - and for those saying I would get bored...well chance will be a fine thing...

Best plan the next holiday and get the next tram to work so I can pay for it.

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