Saturday, January 24, 2009

OZ day - Blogs to check out

[Ah Pauline - I have always wondered why only rednecks drape the flag like a cape. Probably because the rest of us can afford clothes].

Australia Day - the 26th of January is the official OZ birthday. We plan to head off to an picnic to celebrate [by celebrate I mean to go out in public, stuff our faces and drink too much to make boules & frisbee more interesting] & I thought how could I share our national holiday with the globe...and as I can not bake green & gold cupcakes to all and sundry [I just don't have the oven space nor a good relationship with my local post office however I digress] so instead I wanted to share some Aussies blogs which I enjoy immensely.

Firstly beginning with A - Crazy Cousin Anne [from tough at the top fame] has gone from Melbourne to Darwin to Berlin & back to Melbourne again [in manner of not so much Auntie Mame around the world more like the big trip of a daughter of a certain Moonee Ponds housewife] Wonderfully titled Bless me father for I have sinned [That catholic guilt just never goes away does it] dearest Anne has decided to start to reminisce about her very funny childhood...

Oh & this was her travel blog Anne in Berlin
[Eich ein Berliner Anne? Nein Frau Anne].

Yarraville Paul - Another gay Melbournian's rant of pop culture, hot men, technology & politics - a good read - always!

Punk & Blanket combines art & culture [and the love of Karl Lagerfeld] into one convenient size that fits all

But it's not all about things that go POP - the geeky greenie sometimes beats the pop bitch in me - Peter Parker [no not Spidey] from Melbourne on transport gives his views on how to fix our transport chaos. Possibly the planet too

Formerly of Big Queen Rod - this Sydney sider has now transformed his blog to the heavenly Popsickle yet another OZ pop culture icon

And for the love of TV - the only blog to consult is TV tonight - for all doings, comings & goings of OZ TV

Now that where I should end it...but that's not it...

There is one more I need to's not really Australian [in fact its American - how appropriate on our National Holiday to involve yanks!] and quite rude too [oh yes this blog is so not for work dear reader]...however its my most favourite blog of the moment - lurid digs - it combines very witty Interior design commentary [in manner of Dorothy Parker meets Martha Stewart at the Blue Oyster bar] & when gays get it wrong [especially when they are trying to be sexy in there own homes] urgh! - its a fucking kak!

Happy OZ day!

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