Wednesday, June 27, 2007

God she eats a lot!

Meet Rabbit - our cat (alias include but not restricted to Rabbi, Booby & Piggy)- he's mad for yogurt....and all sorts of dairy - let alone tuna - actually he's mad for food.

Yet another flattering snap of Rabbit... what a bloody pig!
But really - I can't blame him - I feel like doing the same.
It's so cold at the moment I can't help but want to eat...I've made Chocolate Pudding & Lemon delicious Pudding (ps - that does live up to it's name) in the last week...I want to cook more so to eat more like this...
(Actually this remind me something else completely different but I digress)
Thank god for that Free Gym membership to Fitness First I won last just off load that to some sucker for my weight in Haighs Chocolate and I'm set til Spring.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

YouTube: Margaret Cho

From Margaret's "I'm The One That I Want" tour. The encore. Where has this comedian been all my life!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sites to check out: Facebook

Wow - thanks to my dear of mate Noel (pictured below with his beau Alberto) - he has introduced me to Facebook...Basically Facebook is a site that connects people with friends.

You can use Facebook to keep up with friends & accquaintences, upload photos (unlimited), share links & videos, and learn more about the people they meet.

Its free and is ace -

ps - if you join add me to your list too!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Spunk Alert: Scott Caan

Hello Scott Caan...son of James this edgy urban spunkHe has appeared in a few art house films...and even directed his own...Probably well known from all of the Ocean 11,12 & now 13 films...with the other Clooney, Damon & Pitt Spunks...Oh and the obligatory bum shot - cheers to Spunk Caan.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Queen & I

Now please don't think for a moment I'm a monarchist. In fact I'm very much for a republic for Oz.
However the fact is HRH and BES (My middle name is Edward) have a birthday in common (Actually only in OZ do we share it - the 11th of June - Bless 'A-stray-lia').
(Actually John Constable, Jaques Cousteau & Gene Wilder all share my birthday too - however only with ER its a public holiday).
Now I was thinking that maybe this year ER (Elizabeth Regina - or 'ER in the Palace) should do a little swappsie for the day - like 'Wives Swap' but call it 'Queen Swap' where a reigning monarch swaps with a raving mo - just for the day mind you ( I don't fancy long term as Balmoral has no central heating!).
I could spend the day meeting foreign heads of state, declaring open parliament in white silk & ermine, telling off Prince Charles, Wills, the royal staff etc all while wearing large hats/tiaras and the such like...let alone getting a pissed at Buck House & generally annoying to her allies (did you know that the Queen can still dissolve UK Parliament let alone declare war - heh heh heh).
Whereas she could take the tram to work, manage a team of Gen Y's for the day (could you imagine the conversations!) Pay $3.50 for the morning coffee (Even ER with think this is steep)with the workers for the daily gossip, have to battle the queue at the supermarket for 'ers & Andy's dinner (though I suppose they could have takeaway Thai for the night) and settle in for a night's Telly with Andy & The cat.
Actually I think she would be in that - anything for a night off from Phil!
Happy Birthday Ma'am ( Ma'am as in Ham not as in Harm)