Wednesday, June 27, 2007

God she eats a lot!

Meet Rabbit - our cat (alias include but not restricted to Rabbi, Booby & Piggy)- he's mad for yogurt....and all sorts of dairy - let alone tuna - actually he's mad for food.

Yet another flattering snap of Rabbit... what a bloody pig!
But really - I can't blame him - I feel like doing the same.
It's so cold at the moment I can't help but want to eat...I've made Chocolate Pudding & Lemon delicious Pudding (ps - that does live up to it's name) in the last week...I want to cook more so to eat more like this...
(Actually this remind me something else completely different but I digress)
Thank god for that Free Gym membership to Fitness First I won last just off load that to some sucker for my weight in Haighs Chocolate and I'm set til Spring.

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