Saturday, November 27, 2010

52 Recipes - October & November

OK so now another update with those recipes...October & November

4.10 40 Pesto - Maggies Harvest (Maggie Beare) Pasta
11.10 41 Fruit Tarts - French Cookbook (JC) Baking
18.10 42 Eton Mess - The internet (bookmarked) Desert
25.10 43 Raspb white choc.muffins - Donna Hay Baking

1.11 44 Stuffed Vegetables - The internet (bookmarked) Vegetable
8.11 45 Peach Melba - Nigella Lawson Desert
15.11 46 Passionfruit Curd - The Cooks Companion Baking
22.11 47 Red Velvet Cupcakes - The internet (bookmarked) Baking
29.11 48 Borscht - Naomi Soup

6.12 49 Coulibiac - Naomi Fish/Pie

A lot of Baking in the last few months...I will need to give the red Velvet cupcakes another go as I substituted sour cream for buttermilk ( I know mental). The Raspberry and white chocolate muffins worked a treat, and finally a recipe from the Domestic Goddess herself actually working and tasting fabulous ( in fact Peach Melba is becoming a regular dessert at Riversdale Road) . I have found as much as I love NIgella her recipes are a bit crap.

On a side note another couple and ourselves have been doing theme dinner monthly ( or when we remember) hence the recent Russian dishes...I must say Coulibiac is a fantastic Salmon & Mushroom Pie and was filling( I was worried it would not be enough). Spanish night was still the best for me ( paella & Churros - whats not to love).

So my final 3 are reserved for Xmas theme...thinking of Christmas tarts but unsure of the other 2...maybe a roasted duck with cherries...actually I haven't made egg nog either so best I read up on my Fanny Cradock and get back to you all in December.