Wednesday, July 26, 2006



Finally, DREAMGIRLS is finally on the big screen...(well good as...)

Due to be released this December, the story of an all black girl group forming together in the 60's thru their triumphs and tragedies of the 70's, a tale of diva's, devils and dreams ( oh missues I sound like Nelson "Hollywood" Aspen) ...

Could this be LOOSELY based on the Supremes????

Ok so who will take Miss Jennifer Holiday's part?....Miss Jennifer Hudson ( from American Idol) as Effie..who, may I add, gives a performance...if the preview is anything to go by...

And for the rest of the cast, Beyonce Knowles, Jamie Foxx, Danny Glover & Eddie Murphy is a fairly good indication the calibre of performers involved in such a dramatic story of dreams...

(Oh I think a bit of wee just came out...)

Wanna see more and the previews and the downloads and the everything...

Love the metallic blue of the website - takes off from where 'Rain' by Madonna left off from...

Thursday, July 20, 2006

SPUNK ALERT: Daniel MacPherson

Ok so I'm in love with Daniel MacPherson
No so much when he was in Neighbours - but definately when he was in 'The Bill'he got older and hotter
Yes and he has a cute bum!
And if he is a bit gay I'm so stalking him! Help me anyone!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

OZ TV: The Love Roat Revisited

Hey here's an idea for a TV show - lets grab that bald guy from 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show', the head of KAOS from 'Get smart', a token black guy, a geek for the comic relief, 2 cheesecake all american gals and more than enough guest stars to sink a ship - that's it - will put it on a ship...well Mr Aaron Spelling did just that in'77 - and came up with a show loved worldwide...

From '77 to '86 (and a brief but unsucessful revival as 'the next wave in '99) The Love Boat was prime time viewing - every week the welcoming crew of the Pacific Princess would take set sail a story of hilarity and romance - all within the hour! Usually the trip would be to Porta Rico but the destinations sometimes reach as far as Sydney (or as far as the budget would allow - Stock footage of Porta Rico again...)

For me it was about the GUEST STARS (just to name JUST a few)- Andy Warhol, Debbie Reynolds, Florence Henderson, Sonny Bono, Ursula Andress, Tab Hunter, Carol Channing, Ethel Merman, Ginger Rogers, Don Knots, Dorothy Lamour, Cyd Charisse, Ricky Martin, Donny & Marie Osmond, The Mills sisters, The Gabor Sisters, The Pointer sisters, The Village people and my favorite crazy celbrity - CHARO!

Ok so the storylines were lame - a couple about to divorce but get back together at the end of the show, Charo sings & is zany, Young lovers find each other after years apart, Julie falls for a Harlem Globe Trotter, Charo sings and does the splits, Two opposites who hate each other fall for each other, Charo sings and starts a conga line on the Promenade Deck, Gopher falls for the pretty girl, Doc is sexist with the pretty girl, Issac says 'Dyna-nite!' ( oops thats 'Good times') I mean 'hey maaaaan', Charo just appears again as Susan Haywood dropped out as a guest star. Charo sings charo does CHARO!

This was truly an all ages show - it was campy, funny and entertaining. And it made Mr Aaron Spelling quite rich - and quite so. But what I think is the most appealing part of the show is that everyone, if only for the cruise there & back to Porta Rico, found out that love doesn't hurt anymore...when you've got an open smile for a friendly shore....its.....CHAARO! - no love muchacho!

You Tube: The Love Boat

Love Boat Theme

Yes there will be a blog entry to explain this - My tribute to late and great departed Aaron Spelling - creator of those fabulous shows like 'Beverley Hills 91210', 'Dynasty', 'Models Inc','Melrose Place','Charlies Angels' and...of course ' The Love Boat'.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Panic Attack - Kissing Cousins

Is it bad that I still think the original Beau & Luke from 'The Dukes of Hazards' are Hot? Well in the shirtless pic from '79 anyway...

This is one (autographed no less) from '87...(I love those 'Reunion Special' shows)

And this is from a few years ago - John (left) has aged wonderfully...Tom's not too bad apart from the hair but nothing a Clairol rinse wouldn't fix...Or maybe grey is suited for a more mature man?

Quiz time...How Evil are you?

Oh no - my application to E.V.I.L
(Evil Villians International League) will be rejected
(and the Liberal Party for that matter) as Im only 60% evil....

As a Gemini, however, this means that the evil side is winning currently so not all doom & gloom... best spit at a child and snear to the masses when I'm out & about today looking at antiques shops & curio's for missing pieces of china....

(that statement alone just shows how non-evil I am but highlights that I ate a bit too much gay for breakfast.)

Rate yourself and see if Cruella de Vil will invite you to dine or sit on the board of E.V.I.L...

Glenn Close looking quite fabulous as Ms De Vil...I think Glenn would rate a good 75% on a bad day...and 90% on a good one!

Friday, July 14, 2006

You Tube: Gimme Gimme Octopus

Remember HR Puffin Stuff?
The Banana Splits?

It appears that Japan had a similar character in the 60's - an octopus (of course)

Our dear friends at you tube have a variety of these bizarre (& violent) 60's out there childrens shows...I'm still a speechless really...

Thursday, July 13, 2006


The bastards ended the show on a cliff hanger ending in preparation for Season 2 - ARRRGHHH noooooooo! No answers solved!( but a very nice OD scene by the Doctor including white dribble in her Loft apartment)

I can't believe I fell for Fox's cunning tricks again!

This means I have to commit to more TV - oh well pass the remote please and the chocolate/cheese twists/insert junk food here...

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I over committed to TV this year - Just between us ' Desperate Housewives' I was 'Lost' for choice. While 'It takes two' when 'Dancin' with the stars' I just wanted to get comfortable in my 'House' free from 'Neighbours' watching my'Australian Idol' 'Kerry Anne in the morning'.But I was being watched by 'Big Brother' so it was time for a 'Prisonbreak' ( Finally made it to the point of the post).

Okay for those who don't know - this was the pick of the bunch to watch for 2006. Hairy Muscled Tattooed men locked up in the same room does sound like the Laird on a Friday night, but unlike the Laird, real men can be viewed without bopping away to Donna Summer nor Kylie but planning to breakout of Fox River Jail (Gaol). The they set.

So what will happen? Will Michael Scofield (The very handsome Wentworth Miller)break out with his brother Lincoln ( who was framed for a murder he didnt commit)and the others and not get caught? Will Michael change his speech from low talker mumble to normal speak?

Will Dr Sara be waiting for Michael or shooting up in 'Needle Alley'( ps - loved the scene when she was smacked out walking down the street in a designer jacket laughing in the sunshine - best composed actress under the influence since Donna got drunk on the way to the Prom after 1 glass of champagne in '91210')

Will Fernando Sucre (my favourite Prisonbreak hottie) get to meet up with his true love Maricruz Delargo so he will be there for his son's birth(love the fact they have not sterotyped these latino's in the least - Ole! Santa Maria' La Coocaracha!)

Will Veronica (who looks like a Brunette Reese Witherspoon)bust open the case and finally expose the vice President elect that organised the murder for the ol' Red white & greenback? Will Agent Kellermen confess his unconditional love to Agent Hale (errrhh!) Find out tonight...

Wanna see more - the official site is pretty good

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Cocktail hour X 2

Well without sounding like Auntie Mame...cocktail hour was toooooo much last night Vera daaaaarling...ok enough of the Roslyn Russell at 8.49am on a sunday...especially since I have a bit of a hangover...

Last night we were invited to a housewarming in South Bank - guys we know have been living in the same place for 13 years - and now have bought it! Quite sensible really as can you imagine the savings in removalist costs! I digress...The boys went to a bit of trouble and there was a mixture of pitchers full of cosmos, margaritas, jelly shots and other colourful numbers designed to give you a headache in the morning...I did get to see and pay homage to Aunty Moira (will try to hunt down snaps of her last last performance at the Rooty Hill RSL)as she was keeping court in the garden...Shirley alas was not there...disappeared in a DC3 over the sea of Japan many many years ago now as she was coming back from a sell out performance at the Tokyo Gardens...Lets not speak of it...Great to see a lot of people we haven't seen in ages...Managed to leave in a semi-respectable sort of way (only the half not the fully loaded) and headed into the city to the Joe's birthday at the COMM bar...

Well m'dear the COMM Bar is all that and more - another Mebourne Bar in a hidden laneway I never knew (only been working the the CBD for the last 8 years)This brilliant pristine white bar with sweeping staircase ( where it leads to quite unsure given alcohol status) and fabulous Parisian chic wine room was a little too much! FYI the toilets are jet black and look heaven ( ps - I always guage a venue by its toilets? Why? Its the last thing the owners spend money on!) Joe & Carmel were already there looking fabulous and again saw many friends we havent seen in ages...why I continued drinking is still beyond me...(that right I was drunk!) So anyway we said our farewells (aka I fell out of the bar) and hailed a cab ( of course we went to 7-11 for a 4 and 20 - why o why the 7-11 have the brightest lights in the galaxy is beyond me...) and went to an evening with Auntie Mame (Moira) ended more so "Withnail & I'

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Movie Review: 'Superman Returns'...

...(where from..the shops?)
Well saw this flick with some friends on friday night at the Jam Factory..yes he is very hot dear Brandon Routh...(and what he does to the Supersuit is no ones business)...but LONG LONG movie - what is with the Studio approving a 2 and a half hour pic which should have been reduced EASILY to 2 hours or less!!!
And the crazy thing was there was no lead up to him becoming superman - just that he was missing for 5 years...HATED the embellished love story with Lois Lane which seemed to dominate the film - forgive me for being so bold Miss Babs - but he's a Action Super Hero from Krypton - not Romeo from fair Verona...After 'Batman Begins' which completely changed the 'Super Hero' film genre I thought we could expect the same from Superman but alas no...
However not all negative as there was some great acting from all involved - Old Hollywood Star 'Eva Marie Saint' (remember Hitchcock's 'North by Northwest') plays Supermans Mother...Kevin Spacey ('The usual suspects'...& the list is numerous) as Lex Luther, Parker Posey - one of my all time favourite Actors (Best in Show, Wating for Guffman etc) - plays Lex's mole 'Kitty' but doesn't steal the scene like she normally does...and even Ian 'the only gay in the village rugby team' Roberts plays a cameo one of Lex's henchmen - thank god he only has the one line as we wouldn't want to strain his vocal cords...
Overall - only 2 choc Tops out of five - one for Brandon and one for the effects - re: ocean scenes - So wait for the DVD...

Blog Opening !

Hello and welcome to my first blog - well that still sounds weird to me - more like a character from that 80's claymation UK TV show 'Morph' but I digress.

Thought it was time share my odd life with the world. So about me..Im 32 year old gay man living with my long time partner (how grown up is that statement) Andrew and our cat Rabbit - tell you the story later there. I live in Hawthorn(East)in Melbourne (Australia) (ps I like to (Bracket) everything)...

So my interests? I used to despise people who collect mounds upon mounds of crap as I always thought - WHY? Now I'm older I'm starting to collect crap so I have decided its just an old thing...Glass is collectable Du Jour...or is that Collectizone ? Never mind...