Saturday, July 15, 2006

Quiz time...How Evil are you?

Oh no - my application to E.V.I.L
(Evil Villians International League) will be rejected
(and the Liberal Party for that matter) as Im only 60% evil....

As a Gemini, however, this means that the evil side is winning currently so not all doom & gloom... best spit at a child and snear to the masses when I'm out & about today looking at antiques shops & curio's for missing pieces of china....

(that statement alone just shows how non-evil I am but highlights that I ate a bit too much gay for breakfast.)

Rate yourself and see if Cruella de Vil will invite you to dine or sit on the board of E.V.I.L...

Glenn Close looking quite fabulous as Ms De Vil...I think Glenn would rate a good 75% on a bad day...and 90% on a good one!

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