Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I over committed to TV this year - Just between us ' Desperate Housewives' I was 'Lost' for choice. While 'It takes two' when 'Dancin' with the stars' I just wanted to get comfortable in my 'House' free from 'Neighbours' watching my'Australian Idol' 'Kerry Anne in the morning'.But I was being watched by 'Big Brother' so it was time for a 'Prisonbreak' ( Finally made it to the point of the post).

Okay for those who don't know - this was the pick of the bunch to watch for 2006. Hairy Muscled Tattooed men locked up in the same room does sound like the Laird on a Friday night, but unlike the Laird, real men can be viewed without bopping away to Donna Summer nor Kylie but planning to breakout of Fox River Jail (Gaol). The they set.

So what will happen? Will Michael Scofield (The very handsome Wentworth Miller)break out with his brother Lincoln ( who was framed for a murder he didnt commit)and the others and not get caught? Will Michael change his speech from low talker mumble to normal speak?

Will Dr Sara be waiting for Michael or shooting up in 'Needle Alley'( ps - loved the scene when she was smacked out walking down the street in a designer jacket laughing in the sunshine - best composed actress under the influence since Donna got drunk on the way to the Prom after 1 glass of champagne in '91210')

Will Fernando Sucre (my favourite Prisonbreak hottie) get to meet up with his true love Maricruz Delargo so he will be there for his son's birth(love the fact they have not sterotyped these latino's in the least - Ole! Santa Maria' La Coocaracha!)

Will Veronica (who looks like a Brunette Reese Witherspoon)bust open the case and finally expose the vice President elect that organised the murder for the ol' Red white & greenback? Will Agent Kellermen confess his unconditional love to Agent Hale (errrhh!) Find out tonight...

Wanna see more - the official site is pretty good

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Chris said...

I think ROBIN TUNNEY (Veronica)'s movie that made her the most famous was probably "The Craft" with Fairuza Balk, Neve Campbell and Rachel True. Loved her in Prisonbreak too :D

PS: Love your comments and stuff (been reading backwards and had to comment here)