Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Lucky Bitches

As Joanie Collins recently celebrated her 1 billionth birthday (23rd of May) and as she is a two-faced mental Gemini like me...I thought it fitting for a quick tribute to her and her sister Jackie...those glamorous Collins Girls.
Possibly my all time favourite photo of them both from the 80's - Jackie is never without her leopard print...and Joanie with her bosom...in the back of a limo no less.

And a retro Shot from the 70's - cleavage was obviously word du jour...oooh - they're...


Thursday, May 24, 2007

DVD Review: Golden Girls ( Season 4)

Picture it.
4 'women of a certain age' living the single life and sharing house.

The Golden Girls was one of favourite comedy shows in the 1980's -and it lasted for 8 years - it rivaled 'Cheers' & 'The Cosby Show' as one of the most popular sitcoms of the 1980's and early 1990's.

OK so the fashions are still offensive...God knows how much fabric Dorothy ( Bea Arthur) covered herself in...or the Mumsie suit dresses Rose ( Betty White) wore...while Sophia (Estelle Getty) wore clothes older than her ( and funnily enough she was playing Dorothy''s mother - was was younger than her!)..Blanche (Rue McClanahan) is the one who still looks good..if not a little like mutton-dressed as mutton.

OK so I'm a bit cruel and the fashion hasn't aged well...but the jokes have...unlike Season 1,2 & 3 there was a change of scriptwriters so the jokes & gags aren't as funny, but still very much watchable. Sophia's story's are still funny (especially the old days in Sicily & Brooklyn) and some of her one liners are still magic, for example:-

Sophia (now a coach) enters into the house with the team after winning a game and announces

'Make way for the Victors!' Rose asks if the team won. Sophia replies
' No we just all changed our names to Victor'

Yes the jokes are still there about deranged animals and lunatics of St Olaf, Blanche's Men and Dorothy's lack of Men...some of the storey lines do push it though - like Rose becoming 'Woman of the Year', Sophia's getting married & how they all buy and manage a Boxer(ideas were obviously thin this season and they were entering into jumping the shark waters)...Don't even ask about the fake flashback episode about Valentine Day! ( which is a shame as they do flashback episodes quite well throughout the seasons)

Overall for the fans this is one they will treasure - for others - stick to Volumes 1,2,3 & the final season ( all the same writers).

3 bad 80's frocks out of five.
(NB - Originally written for an Review for Amazon)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

REAL estate....?

Well Andy & are finally looking to purchase an abode...and all our friends who have been through the ORDEAL I think are quietly laughing on the inside - knowing exactly what we are going through...

To date we have only seen 6 houses so it's only the start of the journey....of these:-
1 was missing a living room ceiling as well as hot water pipes & system
1 had so many cracks in the walls it looked like it was built on a fault line.

1 was so foul inside that it made your average prision look like a Hilton (no pun actually was intended)...
( I bet she is regretting this photo shoot!)

So there was 3 that were good - but even they had there sore points...

1 was sold for well over $100K more than asking price ( yes folks half a million buys you an unrenovated semi detached 1940's house without a garage in Melbourne today)
And 1 had so much interest that they have added on an extra $50K - and now it will go for > $500K.

And the final one we saw - now this was it ( for me at least) - 5 bedrooms 2 bath cape cod house in our price range - built late 1960's - (other than the decor being Mrs Brady's house before she moved in with Mike & the boys in the 70's dream home) - so very Desperate Housewives - so perfect except...... from the fact it had no back garden and was on a 6 lane main road.

So we are seeing 2 more today - another semi detached art deco house unrenovated etc which I know for a fact is going to sell for well over $500K...and a 1940's post war timber home which has had partial renovations...and is in our price range...

Hopefully this one will have a living room ceiling without a highway out front!

Monday, May 14, 2007

And the Winner is....Serbia - Eurovision 2007 (Pt 6)

Apparently being a lesbian singing a song in Serbian is song du jour - Marija Serifovic from Serbia wins with 'Molitva' - now if someone could just translate...

Friday, May 11, 2007

Belgium - Love power - Eurovision 2007 Pt5

Ok so Belgium missed the whole 70's discos revival of the early naughties...and now have come up with this Jackson 5 esque

Serebro - Song number one (Eurovision 2007 Pt4)

Ok so mix Britney Spears with the Veroncias and you'll get Serebro with Russia entry...and it's actually a bit of alllllright

Thursday, May 10, 2007

You Tube:UK Entry for Eurovision (Pt 2)

Meet Scooch - the Steps/cheesy/gay/pop/flight attendants with their song 'Flying the flag'for the UK...hmmm

YouTube:Top 20 Songs of Eurovision 2007 (Pt 3)

These are a selection of the top 20 songs...audio only - be warned listening to these songs may cause ears to bleed

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Eurovision 2007...Pt 1

OMG - I almost forgot - It's that time of the year for EUROVISION... to think that every crappiest pop song ever conceived has been born from this historical festival of a united Europe ( and apparently Israel is part of Europe but that's not for here Ishmael).

This completion has now been running for over 50 years and still countries get it wrong... There are at least 2 drag queen entries - Denmark's ' I'm your drama queen tonight' - I'm not kidding - and the Ukraine's - 'Danzing'...Other entries include a boy band from Spain that still need to rehearse their 'chorey' dancing ...Lookey-likeys of the pop group Steps from the UK called Scooch - and even more gay than Steps - Rappers from Poland -again I'm not kidding...Poland at least is singing in English this year...(mind you I'm not sure how many boys in the hood are in Warsaw)- now can someone please tell France that they are never going to win singing in French...

I will be posting some of the worst and the even more foul of this years competition- at least the UK get's the joke that other odd euro nations ( like Albania, Moldova, Estonia etc) do not get - that Eurovision is pure entertainment - and not to be taken too seriously...

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Spunk Alert - Rodrigo Santoro

Ole/buena stiuas to hottie Rodrigo Santoro.
This boy from brazil is usually plays the eye candy in films...whether the bad boy surfer in 'Charlie Angels - Full Throttle' ( another bad sequel to what was an enjoyable film)...
To Karl -the love interest of Laura Linney in 'Love, actually'...To a very gay-like king in '600'...
He is even hot when getting the milk from the 711!
...And most recently he has appeared as yet ANOTHER survivor in 'LOST' (PS - does anyone actually watch it anymore??? - please let me know if you do)

Soon he will be appearing in films - Talking with Dog, Black Oasis & Dare to Love Me - which I hope he has world wide success with...but really he could just be naked in a film and I will go and see it. Yet again another Brazilian Hottie on our screens. Lordy.