Monday, November 27, 2006

You Tube: Old Homosexual Warning Video

This is hilarious - This film made in the 1950's dealing with a perceived danger to society: Homosexuals! Of course the ironic thing is it's now camp (like the voice over!).

Friday, November 24, 2006

O'Christmas Tree... blah etc Part 2

You'll be pleased to know that the tree is finished!
Oh Lordy it's finished...a traditional tree with non-traditional colours (and we reused some other decorations from previous years - we're trying to build up a collection of dec's for years to come...)

As we have so many baubles and beads left over we decided to decorate the coffee table...overhead shot
...side shot...
...and the kitchen bench - I thought this one looks quite fabulous... Our cat (Rabbit) inspecting the new addition to the living roomWe love it all - now to buy presents!!!

Spunk Alert 13...Kelly Slater

Mr Kelly Slater...8 time world surf champion, model for Versace, best mates with Ben Harper, eligible bachelor having dated Pammie Anderson and Brazilian Supermodel Gisele Bundchen... and all round surfer spunk!
Now I grew up near the beach in Scarborough (WA)...and I could only boogie board as a kid...and that's bloody hard...and I tried it again a few years ago when we were away for the weekend down the Great Ocean Road - still bloody hard...
Best leave surfing to the professionals - they make it look so easy...Kel's riding the tube or it it hanging 10?I think hanging out down the beach for so many summers developed my love for the beach, and for surfers...especially when they look like Kelly (even though its a girls name!).

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Quiz time 3...A drinkie poo-poo

As it's now the Silly season and more drunken nights than sober are upon us I found a nifty little quiz at

It tells you what drink you are...well it seems I'm an appletini...
"Most of the time, you're a typical party girl / guy. But when you get super sauced, you really up your sex appeal. "

(Hmmmm that's debatable.)
I suppose could have been a fluffy duck, slippery nipple or worse sex on the beach - which would be ok if you didnt get sand in the (gl)ass.
Of course the really gay thing about this is that the appletini is my favourite cocktail!
Have a go and let me know what's your poison...

You Tube Spunk Alert: Hot Enough To Melt Ice

Ice-melting contest in the desert!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

O'Christmas Tree...blah blah blah-dee Part 1

Every year Andrew & I make and create a new Christmas Tree...Two years ago it was blue & white and very stark...Below is last years creation...the theme was Gold, Silver & a bit of Shirley Bassey really ( or is that more Burley Chassie?) - we built the frame and everything!

This years is proving to be a bit trying...

We decided it was time to BUY a Christmas Tree so we could re-use it every year (Last years cost us over $300!) - we went to 5 different stores in 3 locations ( 2 of them twice due to stock difficulties) and FINALLY bought a tree...for $250.00 - a great savings on last year so far...And Chadstone Shopping Centre on a Saturday is about as much fun as having an enema with draino...

And what is with Christmas trees - it is impossible to find a plain good lush tree for want of can however buy:-

- Black tree
- White Tree
- Purple tree
- Pink Tree
- Fibre-bloody-Optic Tree(Didn't one electrocute someone in the states in the 70's?

And the piece de resistance...the upside down tree(I'm not making this up) - this is just plain stupid...

(The true meaning of Christmas - put your tree on it's head)

And then spent most of Saturday afternoon trying to thread all these baubles on string ( the idea was a big DNA molecule or at least similar to the Christmas trees in David Jones)- it took over an hour then it looked like shit so we had to take it apart...then we needed to buy more baubles and a new color (purple) and more shit for the bloody tree...and it's still not finished!!!


To be continued)

Friday, November 17, 2006

DVD Review: An audience with Kenneth Willams

Well Amazon has been faithful yet again...this time my beloved found this little DVD gem online ...'An audience with Kenneth Willams' is exactly that. In the early 1980's Kenneth Williams filmed what is essential a very funny monologue of his interesting working life on the stage/radio & film/tv - in front of many of his peers and celebrities of the day.

(The Carry on Team circa 1964)

Best known as the stuffy posh one with the funny voice from the 'Carry On' Team, Kenneth takes you through a journey of his career - starting out during the war in shows for the armed services with Stanley Baxter, on and off the stage with the likes of Tony Hancock, the endless radio shows then the Carry ons, & later him becoming an author.

What I really love about this DVD is the comfortable air he has when discussing his life, you want to listen to the next wonderful little story he's about to trot out - whether its about Noel Coward or Judy Garland or some crotchity old Army Officer - they are all funny and entertaining...
Ken with Carry on regular Joan Sims (who was also in the audience)

Kenneth Williams shows us in the DVD that he was not only a funny articulate man, he is a natural story teller. I like the fact he doesnt dwell on the Carry on years - he does tell us that they were a tight bunch and dear friends (he was very close to Hattie Jacques, as too Joan Sims) - Rather this DVD is a fantastic slice of his life & the many tales (and jokes) he's been a part of - its worth watching - even just for just for the Edith Evans voice and the story of his OC in the Army days.

4 funny voices out of five Matron!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Wait! The disco is not dead...The Freemason's are the saviours brothers and sisters...

So Disco is that's what my ears are telling me when I hear the hit parade nowadays (Yes - Freakazoid did close in 2001...and we all have been in mourning ever since...but I digress)...

However all is not lost...thanks to the Freemasons
Named after a pub in Brighton, UK, AKA Russell Small & James Wiltshire are the hottest thing since the sun in dance music. Russell was one half of Phats + Small (he has sold over 2.5 million singles worldwide) and has been a DJ for 15 years. James has worked in every major recording studio in London. Their first single - The Jackie Moore Sampling "Love On My Mind" in 2005 was fucking amazing...
These guys are soooooooo good - so good that they have actually turned down more remixes then they have produced...

The ones they have done have been with the like of Faith Evans, Fatboy Slim, Angie Stone, Jamiroquai, Blaze (Feat. Barbara Tucker - whom appeared at Freakazoid in 2000) which have been dance floor stompin' tunes...and then with their latest single with 'hold on to your hats,/seats/gloves' Miss Beyonce Knowles - Deja Vu - is yet another big dance anthem for 2006/7...let alone mixing it up with Mr Luther 'how much fur can a black man wear' Van Ross with 'Shine' -

These guys are touring and mixing it up more for 2007...I hope they are coming to Oz...Now to nail down Donna Summer in a recording studio with these guys and another thing on life's to do list will be complete...
Thank you Freemason's for not forgetting the disco...

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Go to the races...Spring Racing Bore...

Spring Racing season again in Melbourne town...(dear God...)
You know the idea of going to the races in essence sounds fantastic and glamorous...Girls in fabulous frocks with hats so large drag queens would die in suits with pin holes and sporting trilby's aka the rat pack circa Vegas '57...The Great Horse races of the Melbourne Cup & the Caulfield Cup, not forgetting Derby Day & Oaks Day..even the gays have the Cox Plate ( well that was my understanding of it anyway)...

The Elite of Melbourne meeting and greeting - whether in a marque or on the field, sipping champagne and cocktails of the hour, nibbling on gourmet creations from Melbourne's top chef's, the ladies talking about fashion on the field, the gentlemen talking about the favorites on the field and both admiring each other going by, and of course, collection of the winnings of the day...

In reality it's something completely different...

Melbourne's Hoi-Polloi getting shit faced before breakfast, women who never have worn heels/hats/dresses before swaggering and men who bought/borrowed/stolen cheap ill fitting suits ogle one another while yelling & screaming & throwing up after losing their shirts at the bookies and paying a small fortune for a pot and a pie at Flemington...

Spring Racing Carnival 2006 is here!

Flash...aaahhh....Gamer of the universe

OMG - flash games...who created them...who made them...when did this start?

Flash on the old Mario bros, pacman, mini games, silly games a plenty

Just google it and everything from sonic the hedgehog, space invaders, building snowmen, king kong and others will pop up

Can't stop playing obsession just found...

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Online Auctions...Obsessed & Possessed!

AGGGGH! EBay, Oztion, Trader NZ - I'm Obsessed & Possessed! And I'm not even a (Les)Bian !
It's easy and has everything I want online and more!!!

To date I have bought:-

silver & silver cleaner,
Wooden Dinosaurs & Doll houses ( For niece & nephews),
cigarette case,
cuff links and more of more...

And I have sold stuff as well...I have been told by Andrew that If I'm going to start collecting another collection (to date I have a glass, china & silver collection) I will need to get rid of one of the other collections I have...or we will need to move...

Its really important to listen to your partner when they tell you something you don't want to hear...especially when it comes to an addiction...

... so we should be moving in 2007...