Saturday, November 18, 2006

O'Christmas Tree...blah blah blah-dee Part 1

Every year Andrew & I make and create a new Christmas Tree...Two years ago it was blue & white and very stark...Below is last years creation...the theme was Gold, Silver & a bit of Shirley Bassey really ( or is that more Burley Chassie?) - we built the frame and everything!

This years is proving to be a bit trying...

We decided it was time to BUY a Christmas Tree so we could re-use it every year (Last years cost us over $300!) - we went to 5 different stores in 3 locations ( 2 of them twice due to stock difficulties) and FINALLY bought a tree...for $250.00 - a great savings on last year so far...And Chadstone Shopping Centre on a Saturday is about as much fun as having an enema with draino...

And what is with Christmas trees - it is impossible to find a plain good lush tree for want of can however buy:-

- Black tree
- White Tree
- Purple tree
- Pink Tree
- Fibre-bloody-Optic Tree(Didn't one electrocute someone in the states in the 70's?

And the piece de resistance...the upside down tree(I'm not making this up) - this is just plain stupid...

(The true meaning of Christmas - put your tree on it's head)

And then spent most of Saturday afternoon trying to thread all these baubles on string ( the idea was a big DNA molecule or at least similar to the Christmas trees in David Jones)- it took over an hour then it looked like shit so we had to take it apart...then we needed to buy more baubles and a new color (purple) and more shit for the bloody tree...and it's still not finished!!!


To be continued)

1 comment:

D.U.P said...

nothing can bet a real christmas tree, that pine smell can't be replicated. God knows they try with all there toilet sprays but they cant copy it.

It's too bad that it's getting harder and harder to steal one from a pine plantation.

but if you cant be bothered with the real thing then you guys have come close to the next best thing! It looks ace!

merry christmas!