Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Online Auctions...Obsessed & Possessed!

AGGGGH! EBay, Oztion, Trader NZ - I'm Obsessed & Possessed! And I'm not even a (Les)Bian !
It's easy and has everything I want online and more!!!

To date I have bought:-

silver & silver cleaner,
Wooden Dinosaurs & Doll houses ( For niece & nephews),
cigarette case,
cuff links and more of more...

And I have sold stuff as well...I have been told by Andrew that If I'm going to start collecting another collection (to date I have a glass, china & silver collection) I will need to get rid of one of the other collections I have...or we will need to move...

Its really important to listen to your partner when they tell you something you don't want to hear...especially when it comes to an addiction...

... so we should be moving in 2007...


Mr J said...

Cigarette case? Have you started smoking again darling?

Brett said...

No Mr J...For Andy

x b

Mr J said...

good girl.
i still havn't managed the quit thing yet. Though I did buy a pack last night, and they remain unopened on my bureau.