Friday, November 17, 2006

DVD Review: An audience with Kenneth Willams

Well Amazon has been faithful yet again...this time my beloved found this little DVD gem online ...'An audience with Kenneth Willams' is exactly that. In the early 1980's Kenneth Williams filmed what is essential a very funny monologue of his interesting working life on the stage/radio & film/tv - in front of many of his peers and celebrities of the day.

(The Carry on Team circa 1964)

Best known as the stuffy posh one with the funny voice from the 'Carry On' Team, Kenneth takes you through a journey of his career - starting out during the war in shows for the armed services with Stanley Baxter, on and off the stage with the likes of Tony Hancock, the endless radio shows then the Carry ons, & later him becoming an author.

What I really love about this DVD is the comfortable air he has when discussing his life, you want to listen to the next wonderful little story he's about to trot out - whether its about Noel Coward or Judy Garland or some crotchity old Army Officer - they are all funny and entertaining...
Ken with Carry on regular Joan Sims (who was also in the audience)

Kenneth Williams shows us in the DVD that he was not only a funny articulate man, he is a natural story teller. I like the fact he doesnt dwell on the Carry on years - he does tell us that they were a tight bunch and dear friends (he was very close to Hattie Jacques, as too Joan Sims) - Rather this DVD is a fantastic slice of his life & the many tales (and jokes) he's been a part of - its worth watching - even just for just for the Edith Evans voice and the story of his OC in the Army days.

4 funny voices out of five Matron!

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