Sunday, April 29, 2007

Fabulous Architecture: The Opera House...Part 2

I almost forgot to post the 2ND half - the interior.
I accidentally joined a tour group to get these - which I might add is a really easy thing to do!
These are shots are taken after the recent restoration - Utzon resigned in a cloud of controversy and did not complete the work.

The work was completed by a team of architects and the NSW Board of Works - they only had some basic sketches and rough guides left by Utzon as the Opera house was an evolutionary piece - plans, elevations and perspectives were being refined and changed - sometimes daily.

Thankfully a change of government and opinion has meant that Utzon was asked for engaged again 30 years later for the restoration - although he didn't come back to Sydney(due to health) he supervises via the Internet web cam to his team in Sydney.
The 2 shots below are courtesy of the web - although impressive - these are not Utzon's original interiors - we can only now wait until they have been changed to Utzon's original scheme - which included a gigantic circular revolving stage in the main hall- which was scrapped after he left - so the metal frame was sent to SIlverwater Jaol so prisioners could cut it up!

Thank god opinions and tastes change - and in this case for the better!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Fall(ing into you)...

Summer is over...finally.

OK... so I shouldn't complain - Summer was a real Summer this year- it was hot, it was dry, it was long - and we have had so much sunshine Melbournians even have colour in their faces. (And with the summer life experiences I to put it behind me and to embrace the change of season - anyway I have always liked the term 'trans-seasonal'.)

Summertime this year slowly faded away (usually it's an abrupt plunge over a cliff) and autumn has appeared in it's place. The days are still sunny but the mornings are cold - not quite frosty cold - the type of cold when the hot air from your mouth can be seen - no sight of rain though - and because we are still in the drought it's going to be one of the coldest winter on record.

I'm looking forward to the trees on St Kilda Road losing their leaves, and watching them fall to the ground - so you hear that great crunching sound when you walk on them.

I'm looking for days inside watching dvd's and eating roasts and drinking wine and just talking shit - which really isnt much different to what we do now.

I'm looking forward to wearing coats and scarfs and other winter woolies...and yes I may even try to pull off a hat of some description (which I wasn't going to do until I was 50 but I thought I'd give it a go now seeing the current winter fashions are such rubbish I have a better chance getting away with it now).

So I'm essence - this year I'm really trying to embrace the Autumn and the idea that I will be able to wear a Fedora in June.
Or a Skull Cap in the evening.

It still could go either way really.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


For those (like me) who slept through the dawn service -
lest we forget our Anzac's.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Quiz Time - Californian Dreamin'

I found another quiz to do - Where Does Your Inner Californian Belong?
Ok so suprise suprise - I'm Orange County - Barbra & I neighbours - can you imagine!

You're rich, pretty, and living a charmed life. (Or you seriously wish you were.) From Disneyland to Laguna Beach, you're all about living the California dream life. Just make sure to marry rich - so you don't have to work for it!
Damn I got it wrong on all accounts!

Actually this quiz is really for Jez (I expect you to post your result JS) - but I would to read others too.
Are you a fellow OC'er or a Buff Baysider or from LA(H) LA(H) Land?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Fabulous Architecture: The Opera House...Part 1

Possibly the Sydney Opera House is one of my favourite pieces of Architecture...ever...
Designed & built in controversy over 3 decades, what was seen as excessive and ugly - has become one of Sydney's Icons- and a symbol for modern Australia.Its been described as sail boats, clouds and even copulating turtles... the joy of expressionist Architecture - it's open to your own interpretation.
Jorn Utzon's design curves are actually based on cutting sections from an sphere - I think he used an orange at one stage to get the proportion of the curves right.
Even the detail of the roof is amazing - almost art deco!And it even continues within it's be continued...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

You Tube:Starship Trooper

Remember 'Hot Gossip' from The Kenny Everett show? Well this was Sarah Brightmans start well before Lloyd Weber, Phantom, the 3 tenors etc - everyone has an 'idol' show before they become famous...doll.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Cyanide & Happiness - Tribute to JT

Is it wrong that I love this one a bit too much?

Monday, April 09, 2007

Site to check out - World Travel Guide

This is a new site I found thanks to Eddy from ( - its all about travel...where you have been, where you want to go, your travel profile and information - the LOT.

You can make up maps of where you have been - ( I have added these on the blog at the bottom of the page) - given my love of maps I adore this feature.

The shaded RED area is where I have been ( only 4% of the world I have visted apparantly - or 9 countries).The GREY area is places I would like to go...

You can plan holidays, or even write up articles for it - and free to join.

Definately worth a look - check it out at

Perth Trip Highlights...(however a bit late)

Okay so after the drama that was Mardi Gras in Sydney and starting a new job then the illness then bloody Easter etc this is the first chance I have had to upload highlights from the Perth trip...The city from Kings Park - the postcard (or money) shotThe beach at the end of Andrew's parents street - yes the sand is that white and the ocean is that aquamarine colour - for real!

The best bit one is bloody there so you can have a beach this beautiful to yourself!

...or share it with mates - Bek & Damo last two days of their holiday was our first two.Needless to say after a long day at the beach...drinks on the patio was well deserved.

My parents had us over for dinner so Andrew could meet my clan...and my favourite nephews and niece...Richard (or Rich)

Elizabeth (or Lizzie...or apparently Witchy-poo)

And Jonathon ( or Jon-Jon).

Although we spent most of the time at the beach (the tan is already faded) mum took us out to lunch in the now very posh redeveloped East Perth (originally an industrial neighbourhood - now hot spot and the 'it' place to be).

Needless to say it was 30 degrees and sunny pretty much the entire time we were there...

Oh Mum's cat - Tabitha.And Andy's Parents - Carol & Tony - who not only were wonderful hosts but made me feel like I was part of the family - that was probably the best highlight of all.