Monday, April 09, 2007

Site to check out - World Travel Guide

This is a new site I found thanks to Eddy from ( - its all about travel...where you have been, where you want to go, your travel profile and information - the LOT.

You can make up maps of where you have been - ( I have added these on the blog at the bottom of the page) - given my love of maps I adore this feature.

The shaded RED area is where I have been ( only 4% of the world I have visted apparantly - or 9 countries).The GREY area is places I would like to go...

You can plan holidays, or even write up articles for it - and free to join.

Definately worth a look - check it out at

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Mr J said...

I dont want to gloat, but i just to 35.

who hooooo

cant believe it took me so long to get to spain, but just had a blast in BEARcelona. The annual bear festival. yes, those weeks of dieting were absolutely wasted.