Monday, April 09, 2007

Perth Trip Highlights...(however a bit late)

Okay so after the drama that was Mardi Gras in Sydney and starting a new job then the illness then bloody Easter etc this is the first chance I have had to upload highlights from the Perth trip...The city from Kings Park - the postcard (or money) shotThe beach at the end of Andrew's parents street - yes the sand is that white and the ocean is that aquamarine colour - for real!

The best bit one is bloody there so you can have a beach this beautiful to yourself!

...or share it with mates - Bek & Damo last two days of their holiday was our first two.Needless to say after a long day at the beach...drinks on the patio was well deserved.

My parents had us over for dinner so Andrew could meet my clan...and my favourite nephews and niece...Richard (or Rich)

Elizabeth (or Lizzie...or apparently Witchy-poo)

And Jonathon ( or Jon-Jon).

Although we spent most of the time at the beach (the tan is already faded) mum took us out to lunch in the now very posh redeveloped East Perth (originally an industrial neighbourhood - now hot spot and the 'it' place to be).

Needless to say it was 30 degrees and sunny pretty much the entire time we were there...

Oh Mum's cat - Tabitha.And Andy's Parents - Carol & Tony - who not only were wonderful hosts but made me feel like I was part of the family - that was probably the best highlight of all.

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