Sunday, April 29, 2007

Fabulous Architecture: The Opera House...Part 2

I almost forgot to post the 2ND half - the interior.
I accidentally joined a tour group to get these - which I might add is a really easy thing to do!
These are shots are taken after the recent restoration - Utzon resigned in a cloud of controversy and did not complete the work.

The work was completed by a team of architects and the NSW Board of Works - they only had some basic sketches and rough guides left by Utzon as the Opera house was an evolutionary piece - plans, elevations and perspectives were being refined and changed - sometimes daily.

Thankfully a change of government and opinion has meant that Utzon was asked for engaged again 30 years later for the restoration - although he didn't come back to Sydney(due to health) he supervises via the Internet web cam to his team in Sydney.
The 2 shots below are courtesy of the web - although impressive - these are not Utzon's original interiors - we can only now wait until they have been changed to Utzon's original scheme - which included a gigantic circular revolving stage in the main hall- which was scrapped after he left - so the metal frame was sent to SIlverwater Jaol so prisioners could cut it up!

Thank god opinions and tastes change - and in this case for the better!

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