Thursday, April 26, 2007

Fall(ing into you)...

Summer is over...finally.

OK... so I shouldn't complain - Summer was a real Summer this year- it was hot, it was dry, it was long - and we have had so much sunshine Melbournians even have colour in their faces. (And with the summer life experiences I to put it behind me and to embrace the change of season - anyway I have always liked the term 'trans-seasonal'.)

Summertime this year slowly faded away (usually it's an abrupt plunge over a cliff) and autumn has appeared in it's place. The days are still sunny but the mornings are cold - not quite frosty cold - the type of cold when the hot air from your mouth can be seen - no sight of rain though - and because we are still in the drought it's going to be one of the coldest winter on record.

I'm looking forward to the trees on St Kilda Road losing their leaves, and watching them fall to the ground - so you hear that great crunching sound when you walk on them.

I'm looking for days inside watching dvd's and eating roasts and drinking wine and just talking shit - which really isnt much different to what we do now.

I'm looking forward to wearing coats and scarfs and other winter woolies...and yes I may even try to pull off a hat of some description (which I wasn't going to do until I was 50 but I thought I'd give it a go now seeing the current winter fashions are such rubbish I have a better chance getting away with it now).

So I'm essence - this year I'm really trying to embrace the Autumn and the idea that I will be able to wear a Fedora in June.
Or a Skull Cap in the evening.

It still could go either way really.

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