Friday, October 29, 2010

La Concorde

This is the cake I have been raving about for the last few months. This cake was created for the launch of the Concorde Jet back in the 1970's. I have never (baked) or eaten a better chocolate cake. Hands down.
Basically it is discs of chocolate meringue, sandwiched with the richest of chocolate mousse then decorated with broken sticks of meringue. It is layered, rich and all chocolate to the bank.
Perfectly good by itself, however I like it with a raspberry coulis ( don't add too much sugar in the coulis - the tartness of the raspberry is wonderfully with the richness of the chocolate) and whipped cream (somehow it enhances the cake more).
Now as I do not have the permission to give the recipe I was given class (I simply haven't asked Le Chef) I have posted a recipe link I found on a public site which is good:-
What I do recommend is that you use the best quality dutch cocoa ( DON'T SKIMP - its expensive but you will thank me) free range eggs (why are people still using battery when free range is only a few dollars more - think of those poor chickens) and the best quality dark chocolate (couverture hands down - again DON'T SKIMP on the chocolate). The recipe link also includes vanilla (this is optional).I found the times I have baked it post cooking class I have run out of meringue sticks - so don't use a big nozzle on the piping bag.
Oh and only ever make this cake for company. Just reading the amount of butter, chocolate and eggs in this cake could make you gain weight - But you can get 8 to 10 serves out of this delight and then the butter/choc ratio is nothing. Well almost nothing.
Only 2 months to go - 9 recipes - for November and for 4 December. I will try to only do Xmas related ones in December...Well try that is.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

52 Recipes - June to September

Ok so I was VERY shabby in blog entries after returning from the big trip...the holiday is now a memory. But not shabby with keeping up with an update is needed to fill you all in... ( classified as date/recipe title/source & type - for all you foodies and hungry masses)


7.6 23 Berry Bundt Cake - The internet (bookmarked) Baking
14.6 24 Fish Stock - Comfort Food (Gary M) Stock
21.6 25 Paella - Margaret Fulton Spanish
28.6 26 Spanish Donuts - Gourmet Traveller (Jun 2010) Baking

5.7 27 Roasted Carrot soup - Gourmet Traveller (Jun 2010) Soup
12.7 28 Oxtail Bolognaise - Comfort Food (Gary M) Pasta
19.7 29 Prawn Cocktail - Gourmet Traveller (Jan 2010) Seafood/Entree
26.7 30 Duck Liver Pate - French Cooking Class Entree/Starter

2.8 31 Caramelised Onion Relish - French Cooking Class Relish
9.8 32 Confit of Duck - French Cooking Class Meat
16.8 33 Duck & Pear Salad - French Cooking Class Entree
23.8 34 Fricassee of Chicken - French Cooking Class Meat/Main
30.8 35 Fresh Pasta - French Cooking Class Pasta

6.9 36 La Concorde (Cake) - French Cooking Class Baking
13.9 37 Lamb Ragu - The internet (bookmarked) Pasta
20.9 38 Chocolate Chip Cookies - The internet (bookmarked) Baking
27.9 39 Chilli Jam - The internet (bookmarked) Relish

Ok so no recipes during the big trip... I was ahead of myself and I made up for it at cooking class. It was a fantastic day - we made 8 new recipes all fabulous and got to eat them at the end of the day!) It was that good I’m going back in feb (that was the earliest class I could get into!)

The best recipe of the day ( of the year to be more exact) was the La Concorde – the most amazing chocolate cake I have ever made...I will be making it next weekend for Sunday Lunch desert ( Andy’s dad is visiting from out of town) – and will reveal the recipe for the BEST chocolate cake...EVER.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Mashups for today - I'm Back/The party's over

Hello God it's me Brett. I'm back in business.

OK so I have been back in OZ since September...the holiday was 'just too marvellous for words' [as in the song - I blame the Glee for all this singing dear reader]. Having just over 2 months off from work to travel and to have time out has been fantastic, thank god for Long service leave. I was told during my travels that only OZ and dear old New Zealand offer this to long term employees globally! OMG I so thought it was an English thing that we copied. And if I stay for another 4 years with the same employer I get another month off. HA.

Alas its 6:30am and I'm back to work today. I slept OK but kept waking up every few hours. I was getting my gym bag packed last night and I was ironing clothes for today. It felt like I was heading back to school after Summer holidays - Whoa whoa I gotta go ...back to school [Grease 2 for those magical lyrics]. Jesus that was almost 20 years ago. I got an email recently from an old school friend to prepare for the 20 year reunion next year [I didn't go to the 10 year one because...actually I cant remember the reason now]. I'm still not 100% sure I want to go to this one either but I have many months to decide.

I have caught up on many a recipe ( I'm actually a few weeks ahead and more excited than ever) and I have all the lovely pics to upload and bore you with the trip [insert any song from the The road to ...movies here] I do feel very much rested and going back to work today isn't so much a chore, rather than its time.
So It's time to wind up the masquerade - Just make your mind up the piper must be paid
The piper? He's about 4th on the list after our trip. Thankfully he plays a sweet tune. Unlike the credit card statement.
X b