Saturday, October 16, 2010

52 Recipes - June to September

Ok so I was VERY shabby in blog entries after returning from the big trip...the holiday is now a memory. But not shabby with keeping up with an update is needed to fill you all in... ( classified as date/recipe title/source & type - for all you foodies and hungry masses)


7.6 23 Berry Bundt Cake - The internet (bookmarked) Baking
14.6 24 Fish Stock - Comfort Food (Gary M) Stock
21.6 25 Paella - Margaret Fulton Spanish
28.6 26 Spanish Donuts - Gourmet Traveller (Jun 2010) Baking

5.7 27 Roasted Carrot soup - Gourmet Traveller (Jun 2010) Soup
12.7 28 Oxtail Bolognaise - Comfort Food (Gary M) Pasta
19.7 29 Prawn Cocktail - Gourmet Traveller (Jan 2010) Seafood/Entree
26.7 30 Duck Liver Pate - French Cooking Class Entree/Starter

2.8 31 Caramelised Onion Relish - French Cooking Class Relish
9.8 32 Confit of Duck - French Cooking Class Meat
16.8 33 Duck & Pear Salad - French Cooking Class Entree
23.8 34 Fricassee of Chicken - French Cooking Class Meat/Main
30.8 35 Fresh Pasta - French Cooking Class Pasta

6.9 36 La Concorde (Cake) - French Cooking Class Baking
13.9 37 Lamb Ragu - The internet (bookmarked) Pasta
20.9 38 Chocolate Chip Cookies - The internet (bookmarked) Baking
27.9 39 Chilli Jam - The internet (bookmarked) Relish

Ok so no recipes during the big trip... I was ahead of myself and I made up for it at cooking class. It was a fantastic day - we made 8 new recipes all fabulous and got to eat them at the end of the day!) It was that good I’m going back in feb (that was the earliest class I could get into!)

The best recipe of the day ( of the year to be more exact) was the La Concorde – the most amazing chocolate cake I have ever made...I will be making it next weekend for Sunday Lunch desert ( Andy’s dad is visiting from out of town) – and will reveal the recipe for the BEST chocolate cake...EVER.

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