Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Eurovision 2008 - postscript

OK so I need just to wrap it up after watching the show on Sunday night - and yes I was tough on Eurovision - and maybe because it's an easy target. So be it. As much as I give it shit it's still very fabulous in that camp trashy way that only the Europeans do so well.

Great news about the shortened voting - no more extended French lessons with' L'Italie 2 points' and the suchlike. Only the 8,10 & 12 points are announced - it reduced it to a 3 hours show instead of an 24 hour telethon. V.good.

A bit pissed off Russia won - only as it was a shit song. I suppose that is a matter of taste. Or maybe lack there of. A bit like the humor of the euro trash presenters.

The pirates got in the finals (Bless), the turkey puppet from Ireland didn't (good). What was with the bloody washerwoman/brides from Bosnia & Herzegovina and the old man in white who spoke throughout the whole song from Croatia - in Croatian! How the fuck I missed those mentals! And the worst thing is I'm probably related him!

OK so in summary my favorites was the woman with the divine makeup from Sweden (previously winner in 1999) - Great dance song -(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNHhjLzO5Sk) and the fabulous Page 3 chick from Ukraine - yet another ace dance hit (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4FxGF-171Y) - she came second!

Overall it was good year of Eurovision. If good years involve all the a fore mentioned. I can only imagine the glamorous horror pic of next years in Moscow...ooooh those Russians.

Eurovision 2008 - Finale

Well the ruskies won it...and I have to say..it's Shit..or дерьмо (in russian) - See you in Moscow for '09 ( Jesus)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Eurovision 2008 - Part 4

Well we just got back from Thailand yesterday (pics & entry to follow) and wading through the 300+ emails ( mostly spam and the like) I received while I was away - I received a brilliant link from Popbitch re:Eurovision


It basically is a run down on this years AND previous acts - and yes it includes the crazies, the shocking and the downright camp of previous years

Bless Eurovision + Popbitch !

Thursday, May 01, 2008

10 things to make and do

Well Andy and I are off to Thailand tomorrow - soaking up the sun, enjoying the pool bar and all the wonders that the Golden Kingdom offers...Meanwhile I have made a list of 10 things that I will and some I won't (actually) miss when we are away from OZ...

1. The Logies - OZ TV Night of nights...a wannabe Golden Globes Award TV show for all of OZ TV...actually its always a let down and the girls (minus Kate Ritchie and Sonya Kruger) always dress like slappers....speaking of which...

2. Ladette to Lady ( Season 3) - what isn't wrong about this show ? Sluttish alcoholic's Brit girls try to get it 'poshed' up at a finishing school and just get it so wrong - too good - this new season they have managed to finds even bigger slappers than before...a bit like the current season of...

3. Big Brother - Now I have always been a fan - HOWEVER with it's new hosts who have managed to turn it to what is basically a sanitised version of the Kyle & Jackie O Radio Show - let alone the trashy contestants - ugh - enough already! The other TV Brother I like is...

4. Brothers & Sisters - I just can't fault this TV show - drama with a family you would want to be a part of ...In fact I think I am another missing gay relative of the Walker Family - OK so enough of TV...lets move on to

5. Melbourne's Weather & the Cold Snap - Its only April and it's been cold. Sorry not cold - Freezing. And the forecast in 2008 is that we are about to enter one of the coldest winters on record. Goody. Best enjoy the tropical heat then and being away from

6. All work and no holiday - I haven't been overseas since Hong Kong in 2006 and I , Andrew and all of our friends are in dire need of a holiday...like yesterday. And I also need a break from...

7. Facebook/Yahoo/email etc - This is mostly what I need a detox from - I actually don't need to know what my friends (actually mostly acquaintances) are doing/saying/singin' etc every fucking moment! And enough of the poke! OK so I'll calm down now and move to more relaxing things like...

8. Sudoku - This is my latest obsession - I do them on the train home, in the Sunday paper or even at lunch break. This is one geeky obsession that is coming along the trip - I bought a big book of Sudoku for those moments by the pool of not being drunk yet and bored of the latest Bill Bryson or the constant OZ discussion of the...

9. The great OZ dream - After the previous year of trying to buy a house, then giving up when houses continued to rise (not just through the roof but the stratosphere)- I was most happy to hear that house prices last quarter have stopped increasing, stabilized and starting to fall - a few more interest rate rises, a few more people defaulting and we may be able to afford a home in Melbourne...(greater Melbourne that is). Another rising figure is...

10. 50,000 - Hits made to my Blog (well almost there) - In manner of Kath & Kim I will crack open the Tia maria and the footy franks...rather as I will be in Thailand maybe a Pad Thai with yet another Mai Tai ( Might I?).

See you in 3 weeks.
X b