Monday, September 24, 2007

Road Trip Part 3: That's Capital

After a drunken Friday night...rather worst for wear we trekked about in our nations capital. Below is Mark, Me & Brig ( all hungover as hell so not a bad pic considering).Firstly off to Mt Ainsle to see the best view of Canberra. The vista from the War Memorial (down Anzac Parade) to Capital Hill (down Federation Mall). Very impressive.Canberra owes itself to Walter Burley Griffin who won the 1913 capital city competition. Although its quiet and only has a population of 300,000 - It's a very clean and pretty city (Opponents also say its lifeless and not a true indication of Australian Society - is it that bad to have an ideal for a country?)Canberra is based on several axises - The most prominent is the central government triangle & vista to the War Memorial - with avenues to the City (civic) and to the American-Australian War Monument (Russell).Above is the very Art Deco inspired War Memorial - quite lovely - Below is Parliament - quite impressive on the outside but a bit like a 80's Joan Collins inspired Mansion (WAY too much bright color and marble). At this point the party needed rest so the other monuments will need to be left for another trip.After a quiet evening (the weekend party was STILL recovering from Friday night) on Sunday we ventured to Floriade on the banks of the lake - It was very pretty however it contained a lot of the same rather than different displays of flowers and plants.

The below is for Doorsie - Do your Tulips ever look so good?

On top of the many bulb beds (too many I say) there was this amazing cane structure - I now want one (and a lawn to place it on!)There was also a few display marquees around too- mostly they were full of crap (a bit like the below example ) 'Beanie' Tent consisted of people who made beanies ( a hat for those NOT in the know) - the below is a breakfast beanie - complete with toast! Yes and this too was in the gallery - however we were laughing but at them not with them.After a few more flowers, then the glass works & markets - we all made way to the the pub for Sunday lunch...I actually got sun burnt it was that bright & sunny. After a playing a fabulous game - Articulate ( a bit like Pictionary with words) and a few too many wines, Andy and I cooked a Sunday roast to say thank you for our hosts Erin & Mark...then we woke up early for the LONG drive home.

We had a ball - gotta do another weekend away soon.

Road Trip Part 2 : On the road (again)...

Well the Road to Canberra turned out to be a lot of fun.
On the road by 7AM to avoid the rush...we managed to get out of Melbourne in no time...

(Out Of Melbourne and only another 550 kms to go!)

Andrew spent most of the trip driving (I only drove for an hour and he wanted to drive more as he got bored...bless).While the lovely Brigid kept us entertained with humorous Crazy Cousin Anne stories and a CD compilation EMI would be envious of.
At the moment the countryside between the capital and Melbourne is fabulous - Canola fields are a plenty and mountain ranges are lush and green. Amazing what a little rain does.As Albury-Wodonga was the half way point - we decided on to stop for's a very pretty town on the Border of VIC & NSW on the Murray River.
Walking down the main Street (above is the main street of Albury) - we spied a little cafe - Q Food - which turned out to not only be the 'it' place in town - but it was a gay run fact this town (small city really) has a loud & proud GLBTI community - Staff & the food were terrific.We left Albury soon after and got into Canberra by mid afternoon - not before spying this cunning place on words bead shop...they must have spent hours coming up with that.

(if you have any shops in this manner please email me!)

Next...Part 3 - That's Capital.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Road Trip Part 1: Ready...steady...

We are getting ready for a road trip this Friday.

Me, Andy and the lovely Brigid are heading off to our nations capital - Canberra - this weekend to visit and catch up with some friends who have moved there this year. And usually 7 hours in a car is as about as exciting as it sounds...but I'm really looking forward to it!

Not only do we get to hang out with friends but we get to soak up some national culture ( or as we say it in OZ - CULCHA)...we get to see the premiere flower and garden show of floriade, enjoy the wonders of Mr Burley Griffin's fine planned city such as the lake, Mt Ainslie Look out and the wide avenue and boulevards...visit Parliament house, the numerous galleries and museums....but get to visit the mega-porn supermarkets as well.

Yes only in OZ could the National Gallery share the same locality with Champions Mustang Ranch Porno store.

Now add in some drinks & disco & dancin' my weekend will be complete - and yes more than happy for the latter (as well as the former stuff to be honest) to be in someones living room!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

You Tube:Possessed Demon Cat

I love cats...They are entertaining and a bit mental...however this one is not only scary but hilarious - sometimes the voices inside talk all at once...

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

You Tube: Charlotte Church TV

Bless this taffy - this episode includes an audience surprise for a sexist bloke. V Funny.