Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Road Trip Part 1: Ready...steady...

We are getting ready for a road trip this Friday.

Me, Andy and the lovely Brigid are heading off to our nations capital - Canberra - this weekend to visit and catch up with some friends who have moved there this year. And usually 7 hours in a car is as about as exciting as it sounds...but I'm really looking forward to it!

Not only do we get to hang out with friends but we get to soak up some national culture ( or as we say it in OZ - CULCHA)...we get to see the premiere flower and garden show of floriade, enjoy the wonders of Mr Burley Griffin's fine planned city such as the lake, Mt Ainslie Look out and the wide avenue and boulevards...visit Parliament house, the numerous galleries and museums....but get to visit the mega-porn supermarkets as well.

Yes only in OZ could the National Gallery share the same locality with Champions Mustang Ranch Porno store.

Now add in some drinks & disco & dancin' my weekend will be complete - and yes more than happy for the latter (as well as the former stuff to be honest) to be in someones living room!

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Tim in Canberra said...

Hi there Brett. Well, we Canberrans can accommodate all of those requests. At a stretch, we could even do the dancing (or a version of it!) at our sole gay underground shamehole, Cube. But you're right - emulate the locals - the really covetted invites in the capital are for dinner parties in private homes. Get a guernsey to one and you know you've conquered ACT society. It's something to do with the cold.....