Saturday, May 19, 2007

REAL estate....?

Well Andy & are finally looking to purchase an abode...and all our friends who have been through the ORDEAL I think are quietly laughing on the inside - knowing exactly what we are going through...

To date we have only seen 6 houses so it's only the start of the journey....of these:-
1 was missing a living room ceiling as well as hot water pipes & system
1 had so many cracks in the walls it looked like it was built on a fault line.

1 was so foul inside that it made your average prision look like a Hilton (no pun actually was intended)...
( I bet she is regretting this photo shoot!)

So there was 3 that were good - but even they had there sore points...

1 was sold for well over $100K more than asking price ( yes folks half a million buys you an unrenovated semi detached 1940's house without a garage in Melbourne today)
And 1 had so much interest that they have added on an extra $50K - and now it will go for > $500K.

And the final one we saw - now this was it ( for me at least) - 5 bedrooms 2 bath cape cod house in our price range - built late 1960's - (other than the decor being Mrs Brady's house before she moved in with Mike & the boys in the 70's dream home) - so very Desperate Housewives - so perfect except...... from the fact it had no back garden and was on a 6 lane main road.

So we are seeing 2 more today - another semi detached art deco house unrenovated etc which I know for a fact is going to sell for well over $500K...and a 1940's post war timber home which has had partial renovations...and is in our price range...

Hopefully this one will have a living room ceiling without a highway out front!

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