Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Queen & I

Now please don't think for a moment I'm a monarchist. In fact I'm very much for a republic for Oz.
However the fact is HRH and BES (My middle name is Edward) have a birthday in common (Actually only in OZ do we share it - the 11th of June - Bless 'A-stray-lia').
(Actually John Constable, Jaques Cousteau & Gene Wilder all share my birthday too - however only with ER its a public holiday).
Now I was thinking that maybe this year ER (Elizabeth Regina - or 'ER in the Palace) should do a little swappsie for the day - like 'Wives Swap' but call it 'Queen Swap' where a reigning monarch swaps with a raving mo - just for the day mind you ( I don't fancy long term as Balmoral has no central heating!).
I could spend the day meeting foreign heads of state, declaring open parliament in white silk & ermine, telling off Prince Charles, Wills, the royal staff etc all while wearing large hats/tiaras and the such like...let alone getting a pissed at Buck House & generally annoying to her allies (did you know that the Queen can still dissolve UK Parliament let alone declare war - heh heh heh).
Whereas she could take the tram to work, manage a team of Gen Y's for the day (could you imagine the conversations!) Pay $3.50 for the morning coffee (Even ER with think this is steep)with the workers for the daily gossip, have to battle the queue at the supermarket for 'ers & Andy's dinner (though I suppose they could have takeaway Thai for the night) and settle in for a night's Telly with Andy & The cat.
Actually I think she would be in that - anything for a night off from Phil!
Happy Birthday Ma'am ( Ma'am as in Ham not as in Harm)


Mr J said...

It's the trooping of the colour this weekend my dear. We will wave an Australian flag there in your honour.

festes said...

Mira la agenda de Catalunya. Hi han moltes activitats per divertirse: festa