Saturday, May 16, 2009

Eurovision 2009 - The second semi...

Well yet another fabulous Russian TV telethon production for the 2nd final, [highlights included the giant babushka doll - bless - and the Russian Ballet at interval - Russia can definitely take the ballet as one of their monumental artistic achievements but I digress]- and the results are in for the final...

The 25 songs participating in the Grand Final are the following:

1. Lithuania: Sasha Son will sing Love

2. Israel: Noa & Mira Awad will sing There Must Be Another Way

3. France: Patricia Kaas will sing Et S'il Fallait Le Faire

4. Sweden: Malena Ernman will sing La Voix

5. Croatia: Igor Cukrov feat. Andrea will sing Lijepa Tena

6. Portugal: Flor-De-Lis will sing Todas As Ruas Do Amor

7. Iceland: Yohanna will sing Is It True

8. Greece: Sakis Rouvas will sing This Is Our Night

9. Armenia: Inga & Anush will sing Jan Jan

10. Russia: Anastasia Prikhodko will sing Mamo

11. Azerbaijan: AySel & Arash will sing Always

12. Bosnia and Herzegovina: Regina will sing Bistra Voda

13. Moldova: Nelly Ciobanu will sing Hora Din Moldova

14. Malta: Chiara will sing What If We

15. Estonia: Urban Symphony will sing Rändajad

16. Denmark: Brinck will sing Believe Again

17. Germany: Alex Swings Oscar Sings will sing Miss Kiss Kiss Bang

18. Turkey: Hadise will sing Düm Tek Tek

19. Albania: Kejsi Tola will sing Carry Me in Your Dreams

20. Norway: Alexander Rybak will sing Fairytale

21. Ukraine: Svetlana Loboda will sing Be My Valentine! (Anti-Crisis Girl)

22. Romania: Elena will sing The Balkan Girls

23. United Kingdom: Jade Ewen will sing It's My Time

24. Finland: Waldo's People will sing Lose Control

25. Spain: Soraya will sing La Noche Es Para Mi

Boo Hiss boo for not allowing the gay disco track from Hungary in [although in reality I'm not surprised]...however very happy that the fro from Serbia didn't get a mention let alone those pack of sado's from the Netherlands [I mean really, silver lyrca suits!]

A surprise finalist here is the very ethic polka from Moldova [truely shite]... Mr Kiss Kiss Bang-i-ty nonsense got in did the dark horse 'Believe again' from Denmark - interesting to note the most looki-likey in the whole competition - sounds and looks like Rowan Keating...and the song was written guessed it...Rowan Keating. In a world first...well in my blog anyway I am predicting the top 3 of the grand final will include Norway with Fairytale, Turkey with Dum Tek Tek & Iceland Is It True.
Only a short time now and the winner of Eurovision 2009 will be announced...I have already planned evening in no less.

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