Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Eurovision 2009 - the first out of the hat...

Well the first final hit Europe last night...and, well all I can describe it as a Russian Telethon meets Big brother elimination show from the 80's ( if it wasn't so communist then mind you ) and kudos to the presenters with their Russian-English speech - a real tribute to Good morning Moscow sketch from Fast Forward ( for those from OZ who can remember ].

The 1st group of finalists are:-
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Actually not a bad selection so far...the losers included the idiot Gypsy superhero from the Czech republic missed out (boo hoo) as did Bulgaria [or as I would like to say - Vulgaria after this years performance] neither did the Copycat Elvis from Belgium or the pseudo weird 70's pop singer from Belarus [so awful i can't describe].

However the only actual rock band Lovebugs from Switzerland didn't cut the mustard is fickle word of Eurovision voting [lest we forget 1969 with 4 equal winners!]...another final to go then the big one this weekend...and it's only going to be that much more crap-tac-ular!

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