Sunday, May 17, 2009

Eurovision 2009 - Postscript

Well its over for another year - and in reflection it has been quieter than years gone by.

Sure there was Ukraine drumming away when singing and dancing with half naked centurions...Fire throwers when Finland was rappin'...Germany kissin' and a bangin' with Guest act Ditte Von Teese...all very Eurotrash and lovin' it. But Moldova, Norway and Azerbaijan going back to folky past [obviously working in Norway's favour]was the surprise. I think all the crazy's get the boot in the semi' needless to say I'll be placing on emphasis on that for 2010.
Israel, Iceland, France, UK and Malta all delivered Divas Du Jour of the competition - Sweden's Pop-pera star seemed to be dulled down after her performance from her original in her home country and no opera face to be seen.
The men didn't fair as well as the ladies I'm afraid - Greece was just playing to the gays as was Germany [too plastic fantastic for my liking], Denmark was just too Rowan Keating looki-and-soundy-likey [already covered in previous post ]and the Croatian lad was hot but again sang in Croatian that no one understands other than the locals.
But not all bad -The set was truly amazing - though I would have to be the one in trouble if the turning electronic show didn't work - I suppose Dress rehearsal is for that sort of thing - shame the presenters needed to practice their lines/sketches they add so willingly that no one really wants?
Eurovision 2009 is over for Russia and Moscow- Oslo Next year!

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