Sunday, May 17, 2009

The winner is...Norway!

Well I managed to watch bleary eyed just the last 10 minutes via web stream from the official site [is it just me but I'm still impressed that the net offers such a service? But try to get a postage stamp without fuss from the Post office - I digress slavishly] and Norway - the favourite - won!

I think what I am more impressed about this morning is that my top 3 predictions of Norway [1st], Iceland [2nd] & Turkey [4th] were pretty much correct - the only one I missed out was Azerbaijan who came 3rd - which to me sounded like Turkey from 5 years ago but obviously was right on the night. I told you the voting was fickle!

I will be watching tonight on SBS at 7:30pm - expect a silly, sardonic, sarcastic and sensationalist post script by tomorrow.

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