Monday, June 22, 2009

That was the week that was

Well Jesus what a week!
So let me tell you whats been going since the [acopolypic] post eurovision world that was May

Well it all started last Friday - it was our last day at the old office - now don't get me wrong - working [just off] the tree lined vista that is St Kilda Road sounds like a great location...well to live - not work. Especially after working on Collins Street for 8 years to work with all the city delights then to work in South Melbourne - which their delights [ahem] paling in comparison. So we were treated to a farewell party in the afternoon [which was a lot of fun] at a local nightclub [which it is always weird to go to a nightclub in the afternoon unless you are attending a recovery as you have already been out for days] and although only 4 drink cards were issued many more were drunk. Then a trip to the casino[I know when did i become a bogan?] and ending the night at the Peel. Tidy. Gay Tidy that is.
Needless to say the mix of the champers, then beer then vodka[of course] did not agree with myself and Saturday consisted of the C's - couch, [take away] chicken, chips, coke & curry. I didn't feel the best Carmel.

I did attempt to go to the gym on Sunday but was still feeling rough - it later turned out that I was not still hungover but I had gotten a virus that most of the Friday party goers also came down in record numbers - so the glam new office with all its brand new furniture & paint & naughties concepts were only half full this week as most of us were at home sick!
I always have sick issues - I am forever needling to do things so staying on my arse in bed watching Kerry Anne/that bogan on 10 and Oprah starts to get to me so i caught up with some serious DVD watching - Kill Bill VOL 1 & 2, The Pianist[ I did heavy weeping] and Victoria Wood as seen on TV - I know quite a combination - A bit like ordering a steak from Hogsbreath cafe with a Cheese Souffle from Jacques Raymond and a Marks & Spencer raspberry Trifle from the trolley - but I digress.

So bless in my team have been hobbling in with their post war-party -virus wounds and have settled in to the new environment quite well - its really weird to go from a 20 year old office to one that is now so state of the art - 'quiet' meeting rooms & break out rooms resembling the big brother house - hexagon like workstations with bright colours & sophisicated lighting and no bins - nearly everything gets recycled- all very 2009 - you are really aware of your environment - Was this the shock of the new they used to refer to with post war modernism architecture or just the shock of the new office?
And more shock & guff with Utegate emails & the government. Well quite frankly they should all just shut up about it and complete signing off on the carbon emissions scheme - enough said on that sordid,sad and shitty bit of federal politics. Jesus its making State politics looking like a better adversary. LOL. Please even I couldn't keep a straight face with that statement.
And now even more shock this morning - RIP Farrah Fawcett & Michael Jackson - losing a Charlie angel and a Jackson in the same 24 hours - Jesus. I always say when 2 celebrities die a third is close by - Remember Gianni Versace then Princess Di then Mother Theresa all in a short space of time in 1997- you know then another 70's & 80's star is on the way - I'm sorry to put it out there but its gonna happen.
So now what? So on top of the next celebrity death I'm also predicting a relationship breakdown - Danni & her most beautiful beau - well I hope not as I like them both quite a lot. Dancing with Stars actually bombing this season maybe instead? Have you seen the Z-List celebrities they trawled for that catastrophic car crash? However Daniel MacPherson does look hotter than ever with the new cut and Sonia Kruger - who doesn't love Tina Sparkle?
What a week that was!

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