Sunday, December 20, 2009

Another 10 for (20)10

Jesus I just realised that it’s the end of the year, and the decade in less than 2 weeks.

You know I can remember [barely mind] new years eve 1979. I mean I was only 5 but clearly remember that date. You never forget certain dates no matter what age. Especially in that year as my birthday party was shared with my sister [we are separated by 2 years but are born 3 days apart!] never nice to share birthdays unwillingly. I do remember though different birthday cakes. She had Donald Duck & I had Mickey Mouse - those piped whipped creations of birthday past. I remember that year vividly Perth celebrating its 150 sequentennial. Black Swans for days EVERYWHERE. But NYE '79 - we were dragged to a party to a local community hall in North Beach. I remember party lights, halter necks & moustaches, women drinking cask Moselle and men drinking Beer. Lots of tanned and red skin. Oh and everyone was smoking. I remember the highlight being the Conga line, streamers and horns at midnight. More Don's Party [even the politics spoken] than Abigail's Party. 1980 would bring a whole decade of school and ‘the bright future’. Whatever that was.

Then NYE 1989. I had finished lower school with only 2 more to go, Love shack was just on the radio [destined to be a hit] and I was 15 with a fringe from hell, at a house party in the suburbs. The women had moved onto perms and chardonnay, while the men still on beer. It had been a big year in an even bigger decade. We saw the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Cold War was over apparently]. We also saw [the rise and rise and subsequent] fall of the stock market and about to head into a murky recession. And fash was still mental. I remember all the teenage kids were all hanging out near the pool taking shit and embarrassed for our parents. Midnight came - no dancing - but well wishes for the new decade. I made a plan that night that I was going to fall in love before the next year eve. And I did. I just didn’t know at the time it was going to be with a man.

Next was 1999 and I didn't party like the song suggested. I was at a very grown up private house party in the right bit of South Yarra. It was champagne with a view of the fireworks at midnight with people I didn't know and never saw again. Pleasant, smart but restrained -a little disappointing for the end of the decade/century & millennium. In bed by 1am. Alone. It summed up the last 10 years for me – trying to do the right things and being myself. Struggling to find my own way in the world. Coming out and all the drama with it - especially with my family. Going to university, finishing my degree and then never using it. A 3 and a half year relationship that fizzed out and a string of jobs I was never really happy with. The new decade/century & millennium was going to be a fresh star

And the last 10 years have been. Personally and professionally they have had their challenges but many triumphs. The last year has been much harder than the rest as much has happened, especially with our families, work and each other. [NB I wanted to originally use this blog for most of my personal experiences but even I can’t go into these details as they are too personal and private. I think there is something to be said to share your life, but you always need to have some of it private for personal sanctuary].

So NYE 2009. We are going to be in Perth. No plans. And it doesn’t matter as it’s just another day in the big scheme of things. But it’s good to reflect on the years past. And welcome in the new one, no matter what it brings.

Have a safe holiday and I'll be back in 2010.

X b

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