Sunday, March 15, 2009

Another 10...

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Well its finally time for a holiday - which is well overdue. I'm looking forward to 2 weeks of sun, catching up with old friends & family. I have really struggled this year to get to this point however it was the end goal of a few months of stress. So I've made a short list of goodies to look forward to post holidays.

1 - Easter. I know its sounds lame but how many christian holidays you get to pig out on chocolate eggs, hot cross buns and get 4 days off. It would beat Christmas [If it wasn't for turkey, pudding & gifts really].

2. Autumn. Yes again another one sounding lame however after the summer that was like every oven, car engine, hair drier, electric heater and anything else warm was turned up to extreme. Let alone all the fires around Victoria - We need the rain [currently Melbourne damns are under 30% - we'll be on rations soon! It will be like the war...without the war]. And Melbourne is ever so pretty with the autumnal colours.
3. Judith Lucy. Melbourne Comedy festival is on next month and this year Miss Judith Lucy is back with " “Judith Lucy’s Not Getting Any Younger” This will be Judith’s ninth solo show and I can not wait. She is gold.

4. Eurovision.My crap-o-metre is already off the planet as Russia is hosting and yes one of my first entries when I'm back will be short listing the favourites...and the not so favourites. Especially like the new deal that Graham Norton will be taking the place of Terry Wogan as compare, a worthy replacement no less.

5. Home sweet home. We are in the market and have attended a few auctions - still going for higher than what we want to pay however hoping the 'credit crisis', 'Great Recession' or whatever you want to call it will help us buy...finally.

6. Cheque from the PM. I still can't believe this. The Commonwealth government is basically giving everyone in OZ about a grand to spend to stimulate the economy. Of course what happens is everyone saves it or pays off debit. Oh well finally some of that tax payer money coming to me instead of away. Hello new laptop.

7. My birthday. Yes another lame one for everyone who is not me.

8. Missing Melbourne Grand Prix. By a strange twist of fate [and excellent timing] we miss the Grand Prix this year. Boo Hoo. And in the process miss the yobbo's, rev heads, noise [ don't even get me started on the MASSIVE carbon footprint it leaves]. Boo Hoo.

9. More Miss Lily Allen. I. Just. Love. Her.
[Maybe a bit too much at the moment - see last post].
10. Planning more trips - All worktime and No playtime is just wrong.

See you in April
X b.

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Phil said...

What? You're all getting a grand? Well the gayers in Sydney will be keeping the drug barons happy for a couple months! hehehe