Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Eurovision 2009

Well I'm back [from holidays] and so is Eurovision.

Ahh Eurovision - this is one of my many crap-tack-ular highlights of the year - never failing to please. Now I started to think that as this year it is held in Russia that all the old Balkan/East Bloc countries will just sing in Russian out of habit [or possibly fear of the old days] - I'm glad to say that's not the case. And whether the economic crisis is hitting the contest, or just tastes are changing [assuming you had taste to begin with] this year flavour has more subdued. Well for Eurovision it is.

Now there are still the pop songs and future [gay] dance floor hits - thanks to Finland, Greece & Montenegro [with the original lyric of Just get out of my head, just get out of my bed then repeat - Lennon would be envious !] - but this year there is definitely folky/slow and dramatic being theme dujour highlight. France, after entering the Charles Manson look alike DJ with his cutting edge song in '08 has gone for a dramatic SLOW love song in manner of Edith Piaff...Norway goes with 'Fairy tale' waltzy folk complete with a violinist singer...and there is a semi operetta from Sweden.
For me, however this year is all about looki-likeys or I should say ' Soundseelikey'. Germany offers its own Crooner [in manner of Michael Buble] with Miss Kiss Kiss Bang [ not of course too dissimilar to Dionne Warwick's MR kiss kiss bang bang but I digress] Switzerland gives its own version of the Coldplay [I didn't know they got franchised] A Danish back street boys, A Jimmy Sommerville like castrato from Bulgaria [thankfully sung in English] and Andorra offers it's Natalie Imbruglia [yes dear readers I had to google her to write her name correctly] - just to name a few.
I will [of course] be posting clips of the favourites before the big night in May.
Let Eurovision 2009 Begin! [Offical site belowif you need a bigger fix]