Friday, December 14, 2007

Wigs for Pets

To continue with the theme and my love of dressing up animals - I found this site

Yes you can buy wigs for your cat - for example this blonde bombshell creation

I especially like the description for the wig ( as if the wig and fern t-the cat model- doesn't just sell it to you anyway)....

Blonde is a magical mix of bashful and brazen. Fern shows off the many moods of a natural blonde: sweet yet catty, smart yet batty -- where life is alluring and coy. Now all she needs is a bikini and a Swedish accent.Blonde sets off your kitty’s eyes and makes your kitty look tan.

Great - now the cat wants to look tanned and wear a kini...when was this ok ? There are more cat hair do's & don'ts on the link

If you have anything related to dress up pets please let me know asap as i need another fix shortly. X b

Ps - All money raised goes to the ASPCA - again I'm not joking.

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