Sunday, January 21, 2007

Movie Review: Dreamgirls

It finally premiered in OZ!

So for those who don't know...Dreamgirls was a hit Broadway show in the late 70's and early 80's...loosely based on the Supremes and Motown Records, it's the rags to riches tale of an all girl black singing trio...

Now I'll tell ya RIGHT now...if you don't like the sounds of Motown, Broadway shows or just plain singing...don't go - its not for you...Saying that if you do like the aforementioned...OMG you are going to so love this film.

Now don't expect a musical-come-film like 'Chicago' or theatre-show-musical like 'Moulin Rouge' stated this film is really like watching a Broadway show in many ways...the sets, costume and make up are colourful and perfect for time frame the film is set (early 1960's until the late 70's) if not a little camp at times (Yes that's coming me moi - for example in one scene did they really need to have a fake Jackson 5 for instance??? Or butterfly eye make up for Beyonce??? Or Beyonce as Cleopatra - actually that was quite fabulous that scene.)

However the performances of it's cast is quite amazing. Eddie Murphy as the falling star, Jamie Fox as the heartless manager... Yes Beyonce is fantastic...she gives a great 'Deena Jones' (I should I say Miss Ross...believe me when you see 'We're your Dream girls' number) to Miss Jennifer Hudson's Effie White...and yes the reports are true - Jen so deserved the Golden Globe...hopefully the Oscar too as she is the picture...wait until you see the scene with 'And I'm telling you...' it's up there with ' When the Parade Goes by' (Hello Dolly) 'Rain on my Parade' (Funny Girl) The Closing Yentl Medley (Yentl) for best moment in a musical ...( NO jez - 'Love with all the trimmings' is not in the catergory though Barbra is) - Jennifer is a star...

If you are up for a great Broadway number...actually quite a few...settle in and you will be entertained for the (almost) 2 hours of showbiz. It's also interesting to note that I haven't seen that many queens in the audience since the Tony Awards.

4 Diva's out of five.

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Tom Gaylord said...

I loved it.... Jennifer Hudson knocked my socks off!