Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Frosty Jack...

I can't believe it - the top temperature was 9 and currently at 5PM its 7 with an overnight low of 6. And we can't get the house warm.

Andrew wants to burn the house as he feels that's the only way we are going to get warm ( electric heating you see) but we managed to get through that ( thankfully).

In fact our state is experiencing the coldest day in 20 years - snow in the country - sleet in the city and fucking freezing everywhere else. I saw on the news tonight that Darwin is experiencing 30 degrees - the only time I'm jealous of not living in NT...and I might add - the ONLY time....
So lately at night I have been in bed trying to get warm reading the fabulous book of Blackgama - "What makes a legend the most" - the old Fur campaigns of the 60's & 70's that the company ran. They used stars of the day such as Barbra Streisand, Judy Garland, Liza, Marlene Dietrich - lots of gay icons really - looking fabulous in fur....(PS - Jesus I'm such a fag)( Darlink - bwring me a mwirror - I don't have great legs - I just know what to do with them)

Fur was fabulous and very practical in this cold weather - OK so I know the whole murdering of animals isn't the nicest thing...however we kill cows & chicken and all sorts of animals for meat to eat - fur is just the skin...

Joanie Rivers after being attacked by PETA!
Hasn't this woman suffered enough from surgery???Anyhow Like Karl Lagerfeld - Ode to a fur coat - fuck PETA -
they need to experience this coldness snap.
Or stop being hypocrites and stop eating meat too!

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sally said...

I have some really nice fur stoles from my grandma. Sometimes I go to wear them then change my mind at the last minute, fearing the wrath of the activist. I nearly talked myself into it once by deciding that if challenged, I would defend myself with a story of how the fur was rabbit fur, rabbit that my granddad killed for my grandma as a symbol of not only his love for her, but of love for his country, as it was during the great rabbit plague of 1935. But my activist fear prevailed and the stole remains unworn on my clothes rack.

I've often wondered why people are so incensed by fur and yet cool with leather.