Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Pregnant Pause

Life at the moment is rather quiet & neutral - It's a bit like rating a 7 on a PH Scale. Not that I'm complaining. I mean it's sort of nice for a change that it is rather quiet (hence my quieter blog entries of late). My life (and Andy's as well for that matter) are in that pregnant pause moment - that the end result is near (as opposed to the calm before the storm).

The end result? Many things really - buying the house for one thing - and given that interest rates have rose twice in the month and house prices are STILL increasing (appears that people from the west coast are coming here to buy investments - apparently Melbourne has cheap property compared to Perth!) we have decided to sit tight and save a bit more and see what happens - I know -very sensible and grown up.

My course assignments have been completed and (more to the point) I passed - but I wont graduate until November so to allow all the others to catch up with their work (so to show a high pass rate to management so they run & fund the course again.)

Holidays have been planned but are far far away - The big holiday in Thailand for Andy's 40th is in May... Perth is planned for 2008 too...I won't get Xmas off this year however many ex-Melbournians will be here visiting this year so that will be fun.

As Ms Hines would say don't get me wrong - These are not complaints - More than happy to sit tight with these plans and actions through to fruition...We are just in that quiet moment time before hand.
Best put the kettle on and enjoy it.

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