Wednesday, October 17, 2007

10 Things I love about Spring

1. Footy season is over (thank the lordy).

2. Winter has ended.

3. The Sun is out far more often (Yes to the rest of OZ - Sunshine does occur in Melbourne - we are four seasons in one day rather than the gates of Hades).

4. New Season fashion for both sexes are always nice for a change from wool and coats and general winter attire.

5. Spring racing starts (though I am never a part of it - I like the fashions and the fact people are dressing up and taking sickies to go to the gee-gee's).

6. The social season is a buzz - even we get invites to everything that's happening.

7. We have had our first day of 25+ degrees since March.

8. My skin is no longer pale and white.

9. General mood of the city moves from quiet & grumpy to placid.

10. Summer is almost here - which includes Xmas New Year and holidays....
Lock it in Eddie...Im going for C) Spring.

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