Monday, November 19, 2007

Look what they done to my

This has been troubling me for sometime. Pets dressed up like people.

Now I just want to make myself clear first...Dressing your pet up in clothes is a form of animal cruelty...however saying that... its one thing that make me laugh so much I wet myself. OK so its infantile but it looks so funny as its so ridiculous to dress up your cat/dog/ferret - and you can clearly see that the pet hates the whole moment - that dress up/make over scene from Pretty Woman it ain't.

The below are prime examples of the cruelty/hilarity

- here we see Fluffy is dressed as rag doll/Ginger Spice - probably the most sombre/prettiest Gerry has looked...

And here as the blue telly tubby...I think Fluffy is getting over it...The dog models don't seem to mind it as much...even when dressed as your favourite action heroes from Star Wars (Vader, Yoda & Leia) - the bodies clip on.
Back to Fluffy - now as duck - fluffy looking pretty pissed off and looks like she's about to attack her owner ( I especially like how the duck hides Fluffy ears)

Speaking of ears...Nothing says Easter like a cat in bunny ears ...

And finally - why not dress up Rex as Anne of Green Gables ...
IF you want more - click on the below link to a (very expensive) fashion & accessory site for your pet - my special category are the individual robes (more duck) & evening wear ( for making your pet sexy - however why is that needed is still a bit weird)

Rabbit would scratch my eyes out even before I bought him an evening gown like the "Party Trim Tutu Dress"


Anonymous said...

Ok well i'd like to make myself clear when i say...Legally...(opinion of the mass of the population) Dressing up a pet is not a form of animal cruelty. For it is not hurting the pet in any shape way or form. However leaving your pet outside without food or water is illegal Animal cruelty and punishable by law. Just to clarify the term "animal cruelty". Second....Dressing up a cat is just about as ridiculous as attempting to force it to walk on a leash...However...Dogs...Some dogs actually like wearing clothes as odd as it sounds. My friend has a teacup poodle that will bark whine beg and laze around the house if it doesn't have a dress on. I know odd....But it's actually sort of cute in a strange way. But there should be limits...I have no problem with someone walking there dog in a dress harness(it's a harness might as well dress it up a bit,halter type not t-shirt that's mean) However a ball gown With a hoop skirt impedes the dogs movement and should be considered "animal cruelty" Besides that i have no issues with it. (If you find a pic of a guinea pig all "dolled up" post it) LOL

Anonymous said...

and i'd like to add if the 129.00 dog dress shocked you look up the handwoven green silk "garden" dog dress Featuring thousands of stunning hand placed Swarovski crystals...Now at 3,000 that is without a doubt ridiculous...Anyone willing to spend 3,000 dollars to put there dog in a dress is a danger to society and needs there mental health evaluated.Theres the link i'm not kidding