Friday, March 07, 2008

New Attitude

Well The Perth trip was amazing, Andy & I had an ace time - relaxing, catching up with our families and generally enjoying the sun and the rest. I have managed to come back to work with Miss Patti La Belle's lyrics in my head...which (of course) is a good thing.

Actually I have also come back to a brand new job (starting next week) - same company but different area - I have worked on Collins street for almost 10 years and now moving to an non- CBD location - ok so it's just off St Kilda Road - but it's not Collins Street.

People either love or loathe working on the CBD - I love it. The hustle & bustle, the stores, cafe's, bars and all that the city has to offer is only a lunch break or home time away. No don't get me wrong - St Kilda road is lovely, and yes you can still get a decent cup of coffee but just not the same. Also I have managed to work with so many great people and I know virtually no one at the other site so that will be a new challenge for me.

I will really miss the city - especially as I am here 5 days a week.

I wonder why is it that you become more sentimental with age? Or is that just a me thing?

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