Thursday, June 26, 2008

Whats in a name?

As much as I detest the narrow minded and lowest common denominator view that the other newspaper in Melbourne - 'The Herald Sun' - offers, putting aside the usual sensational "footy shock - gangland related -petrol price- interest rate hike - oz battler being pushed over the edge " headlines that it usually spruces to it's audience, occasionally there are interesting little tit bits of information worthy a read - and good to kill a lunch break with (especially when someone has taken the 'The Age' for the green guide or epicure sections or has already done the Sudoku).

One of these was in yesterdays paper (25.06.08) in the cunningly named 'in Black & White' section (god you can imagine the pitch meeting for that title) which was about names - a dear 72 year old Mr Ed Bourke (you can imagine him on the verandah discussing the state of the country and how best to grow cabbages in the Melbourne Spring) has compiled a list of actual names that match their chosen occupation (and yes I am not making any of these up) and sent them to the wrong newspaper for publishing...

for example -

Water Ecologist - Mr Grant Hose

Melbourne Zoo CEO - Mr John Gibbon.

Minister for Finance - Mr John Lenders.

Housing Indutsry Spokeman - Mr Simon Tennent.

Rommel's aide during retreat from Tobruk in WW2 - Von Schlippenbach.

In true Herald Sun style they hinted at the list was four pages long and only published 5 names - which means that they didn't really care for Mr Ed Bourkes list - or the list wasn't really that good. Please leave any names you have read in the comments that are just as quirky as those that Mr Ed Bourke has found over the years...usually the real ones are better than ones you can make up yourself.

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G'day Brett! Just wanted to say that I love the blog mate, and have now added a link to it on my own. Keep up the great work!

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