Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Decking your halls...

Well yes its that time again at Casa de finnoccio...er..I mean Casa de la Riversdale - Christmas...every year we go to town getting ready for Christmas...usually decorations are brought out in December however Andy was bored and set up in November [yes we are heathens in this household bishop].Really its the same look as last year[click on Christmas link below for other years past]...however Red is colour du jour...and I especially like the Red Star - homage to Lenin & the Soviets... which [of course] are a whole world away from the yuletide seasonings. Well Moscow is near the North Pole and Lenin always looked like a thin Santa [Well she was wearing red at least].

And the theme is carried to all objet d'art around the abode - as well as Du rogue. Full Stop.

It's also a good excuse to get out the Murano glassware too - So I'm happy there.

And just to be mental I have bought red napkins & already have place settings to match [of course I have]. Now just another 3 Christmas drinks/do's/parties prior to the big day to get thru/to and myself and the liver will need drying out...2009 is then looking like a dry zone [ again who Am I kidding].

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