Saturday, February 20, 2010

52 weeks

Well now its February I decided to come clean about my new year’s resolution

Firstly I haven’t broken it!

Secondly I chose it as it specifically so I couldn’t break it. Naturally.

Thirdly it’s not shocking, dirty, drug or sex related, climbing Mt Everest or building an Ark [Jesus I tried that when i was about 8 with Lego and let me tell you it didn’t work then] nor am I trying to be more spiritual, find religion, give up a vice nor loving thy neighbour more [Even though one of the guys to our left is a bit hot I don’t thing Andy would appreciate my spying on the hot neighbour].

And the thing is that after collecting so many cookbooks over the years -16 at last count, 18 months worth of the Gourmet Traveller [ The OZ foodies bible] & a folder of cut out, scribbled on and given to – recipes, I thought it was time for action.

So my resolution was to try a new recipe per week for 2010. Period.

Criteria was simple – it must be something new I haven’t cooked before, sourced from anywhere & I must have at least 52 completed by 31st of Dec 2010. Yes I was a bit inspired by Julia & Julie but not inspired enough to do every day – Well I would if I didn’t have to work! Also these are the dry runs of what will be appearing on the menu for dinner parties at Casa del a Riversdale this year.

So here’s what I prepared [earlier] to date (with source):-

4.1 1 - Lobster Thermidor - The internet
11.1 2 - Indian Lamb kebabs - ‘Indian in 6’
18.1 3 - Lamb Kofta - The internet
25.1 4 - Pea & Prawn Linguini - ‘Gourmet Traveller Simple’

1.2 5 - Berry Trifle - A & B special [ made up this one]
8.2 6 - Tandoori Chicken - ‘Indian in 6’
15.2 7 - Dahl with Spinach - ‘Indian in 6’
21.2 8 – Spanakopita (planned) - Gourmet Traveller (march 2010)

So I think I have covered classics, Indian & Greek so far. Lobster Thermidor has indeed splendid & a marvellous start. All the Indian recipes were amazing [without burning our mouths] NB - less liquid with the Dahl, darl. I think Greek food hits the spot with my love affair with Lamb. Planning to roast a whole leg Greek style soon. μεγάλος!

I have decided that throughout the year I will be updating with my progress to date – no dear reader this is not becoming a foodie blog [There is much a rumbling with Eurovision 2010 to be had next month!] but I thought a new series just for ‘010- I will also take any suggestions or recipes sent from anyone– however nothing too unusual (I’m not eating insects, testicles etc) however would be open to different styles to push my cooking boundaries.

Email me recipes at

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