Monday, January 03, 2011

52 Recipes - December & Conclusion

So finally I completed the 2010 New years resolution...and finished all 52 recipes

13.12 50 Fruit Mince Tarts - Gourmet Traveller ( Dec) Baking
20.12 51 Roasted Duck & Cherries - Gourmet Traveller ( Dec) Game
27.12 52 Cheese Straws - The internet (bookmarked) Baking

Overall I thought it would have gotten easier but I found that after the initial list of recipes I always wanted to try I had to get very inspired and motivated to try others. The french cooking course was a fabulous gift from Andrew and helped for the time when we were travelling ( sort of like cooking exam cramming) so good I'm back there next month for more so I'm very excited.

Nearly of the the recipes I tried I would definitely try again. The only one I wouldn't was the Sago pudding as it was just OK but still edible. Lobster Thermidor is a very special occasion dish and well worth it. Andrew initially laughed at why I bothered cooking Hot Cross Buns until I took them out of the oven and demolished 6 each with a lot of butter. Making the conserves and stock from scratch does make all the difference so Jamie Oliver and all the rest of those TV chefs aren't lying when they recommend making your own. I have to say the slow cooking was also a highlight, especially in the winter months.

Next post I will post the lot...and if anyone needs any recipe just drop me a line...or leave a comment. It seemed like a mammoth task but was worth it. Oh and my taste buds and cooking skills are all the better for it. And I weigh roughly the same so the gym ( and Chelsea my trainer) I have to say a big thanks too.


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